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This build is designed to farm Dead Swords from the Spirit Slaves in Hard Mode by taking the quest Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves From Primeval King Jahnus in The Shattered Ravines. In order to farm them over and over again, before engaging in battle, let them kill the Primeval King. Additionally, it can farm Relentless Corpses in Fahranur, The First City under Hard Mode for Dead Swords.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/Mo Command=6+1 Motivation=12+1+1 Leadership=11+1][Optional][Optional]["They're on Fire!"][Finale of Restoration][Blazing finale][Focused Anger][Mending Refrain][Balthazar's Spirit][/build]

Optional Optional



  • Centurion's
  • Sup Vigor Rune
  • Attunement
  • Best set to use is Prayer of the Forgotten and any fairly good Motivation shield.


Cast Balthazar's Spirit and wait for the slave spirits to kill the Primeval King. When they group up, cast Mending Refrain, Bladeturn Refrain (if using it), Blazing Finale, and Finale of Restoration and run in. Target the Monk type slaves and attack. Make sure you're in adjacent range of all foes. Quickly cast "They're on Fire!", Focused Anger and spam "Dodge This!" and/or "Go for the Eyes!" to gain health from Finale Restoration. You'll need to refresh Blazing Finale and Finale of Restoration, and "They're on Fire!"; do so and keep spamming "Dodge This!" and/or "Go for the Eyes!" Rinse and Repeat (keep in mind this does take some practice) Good luck!

External links

A video of the farm using the OLD build..

A video of the farm using a modified version of the new build...


This build has also been said to work in Stygian Veil(see discussion or GuildWiki).

This build can farm Dead Swords in Fahranur, The First City in Hard Mode.

Also can use both "GFTE!" and "Dodge This!" for extra healing.

Might consider NOT bringing Bladeturn Refrain, due to the fact it blocks attacks now and is no longer an armor buff, thus, decreasing effectiveness of Balthazar's Spirit

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