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This Paragon Hero uses Command skills and an optional Elite to provide ample party support, both offensively and defensively. Its very effective when supporting an Imbagon.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/any Leadership=10+1+1 Command=11+1 SpearMastery=10+1][Optional][Vicious Attack]["Go for the Eyes"][Anthem of Flame]["Stand Your Ground!"][Optional][Aggressive Refrain]["We Shall Return!"][/build]

  • Defensive Anthem [[Defensive Anthem@12] for teams consisting mainly of caster.
  • Soldier&#039;s Fury [[Soldier's Fury@12] to replace Aggressive Refrain.
  • Hexbreaker Aria [[Hexbreaker Aria@12] for hex-removal.
  • Command (change spear mastery to 9)
  • &quot;Incoming!&quot; [["Incoming!"@12] for less downtime between fights.
  • &quot;Fall Back!&quot; [["Fall Back!"@12] for less downtime between fights.
  • &quot;Never Surrender!&quot; [["Never Surrender!"@12] to anti-pressure
  • &quot;Can&#039;t Touch This!&quot; [["Can't Touch This!"@12] for foes who have many touch skills.
  • &quot;Brace Yourself!&quot; [["Brace Yourself!"@12] for areas with heavy knockdown.
  • &quot;Find Their Weakness!&quot; [["Find Their Weakness!"@12] for Deep Wound.
  • Bladeturn Refrain [[Bladeturn Refrain@12] for extra protection
  • Anthem of Envy [[Anthem of Envy@12] for minions and spirits.
  • Anthem of Weariness [[Anthem of Weariness@12] for HM areas.
  • Spear Mastery (change spear mastery to 9 and secondary profession to warrior).
  • Cruel Spear [[Cruel Spear@11] provides nice Deep Wound; allows for other attack skill such as Spear of Lightning in place of Vicious Attack.
  • Stunning Strike [[Stunning Strike@11] to keep enemy casters constantly disrupted under Dazed.
  • &quot;For Great Justice!&quot; [["For Great Justice!"@11] to aid in adrenaline.
  • Markmanship (make secondary profession Ranger and change Markmanship to 9)
  • Barrage [[Barrage@12] strong splinter weapon distribution.
  • Distracting Shot [[Distracting Shot@12] for interrupts.






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