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Uses Shadow Form and assassin enchantments to negate damage, and Whirling Defense to quickly farm Destroyer Cores in Glint's Challenge in Normal Mode. Can also be used to farm holiday items in Snowman's Lair.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/A Expert=11+1+2 Shadow=12 Wilderness=6][Deadly Par][Shadow Fo][Way of Perf][Way of The Ma][Storm Chase][Whirling Defense]["By Ural's H][Dwarven Stability][/build] </pvxbig>

  • If you are still having damage mitigation problems (poor armor, no shield, etc, etc.), bring Shroud of Distress.


  • Armor:
    • Maximum AL of course.
    • Runes of Vitae, Survivor's Insignias.
    • Best Rune of Vigor you can afford.
  • Weapons:
    • Spear with +5 energy and +20% on Enchantments.
    • Shield.
    • Alternatively, bring a perma staff and run Shroud of Distress in the optional slot to have better energy gain without detracting from survivability.

Usage (Destroyer Core Farming)

  • When you enter run in between the two groups of Stone Summit and wait for Destroyers to come. Once the Destroyers have killed one of the three Stone Summit on both sides, Cast Way of the Master and Way of Perfection. Once a second Stone Summit has been killed, begin maintaining Shadow Form.
  • Be sure to maintain aggro of all destoyers so the Baby Dragon doesn't get killed. If anything does attack the Baby Dragon (1 or 2 stray Destoyers almost always will), just kill it with Whirling Defense.
  • Maintain Shadow Form, Way of the Master, and Way of Perfection at all times, and use Storm Chaser for energy management.
  • Once all of the destroyers from the first wave have gathered (at around 3:10), begin to ball them together. One part of the group is entirely composed of Ritualists, while the other is made up of Rangers. Try to ball the group so that there is a tiny space in between the two groups to stand so you catch everything with Whirlwind Defense.
  • Once everything has been balled, run into the tiny space between the two groups, and wait until you have a good chance to use Whirlwind Defense. A good time to cast it is when all of your Enchantments are up, and your at full energy, then immediately after you recast Shadow Form.
  • Once you are ready, use "By Ural's Hammer!" and Whirlwind Defense at the same time. There should be no Destroyers left standing after about 3-5 seconds.

Usage (Snowman's Lair)

  • Enter the Secret Lair of the Snowmen.
  • Storm Chaser is used as an IMS and as energy managment.
  • Get bounty and use Deadly Paradox followed by Shadow Form and WoTM. Make sure to upkeep SF and WoTM at all times. Aggro first wave and wait for second wave to approach, aggro second wave as well.
  • Run back to the large door, then turn around and hug the right wall until the snowmen all stack.
  • Glimmering Snowman uses Ice Fort, make sure to wait for it to run out before casting whirling.
  • Run next to the snowmen, cast "BUH" followed by Whirling Defense. Stand still.
  • Watch snowmen melt into the ground and pick up drops.


  • Not having enough energy/Failing to maintain Shadow Form.
  • Poor timing.
  • Losing aggro (usually happens when you try to ball while under the effects of Storm Chaser).

Video Demonstration

  • Video coming soon.
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