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This build has been designed for the following use:

Deal big damages with a scythe and a pet.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ranger/Dervish Expertise=10+1+2 beast=10+1 ScytheMastery=11][Wounding Strike][Mystic Sweep][Eremite's Attack][Asuran Scan][Scavenger Strike][Never Rampage Alone][Aura of Holy Might][comfort animal][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Survivor's Insignia on all pieces. Also a Superior Rune of Vigor.
  • A regular 15^50 20/20 +30hp scythe, and a 15^50 5/-1 +30hp vampiric scythe for fighting.
  • A dire pet is recommended for it's high damage, but any other pet evolution will do.
  • Optional: Any staff with Enchantments +20% and HSR 20% for casting your enchantments



  • General anti-melee
  • Pet hate
  • Enchantment removal, although not debilitating, can lower your overall DPS


<pvxbig> Elite Options

  • [[Enraged Lunge@11] for a big damage pet attack and Deep Wound.
  • [[Reaper's Sweep@11] for a big damage Scythe Attack with enchantment removal or Deep Wound.

Regular Variants

  • Scythe Attacks:
    • [[Victorious Sweep@11] for spammable damage.
    • [[Zealous Sweep@11] / [[Lyssa's Assault@11] for energy management.
    • [[Chilling Victory@11] for big damage with minor AoE.
  • Damage Buffs
    • [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor] / [[Asuran Scan] / [[I Am The Strongest] to augment damage even further, take note of each skill's effect.
  • Pet attacks:
    • [[Melandru's Assault@11] for more AoE damage.
    • [[Scavenger Strike@11] to manage energy.
  • Pet buffs:
    • [[Call of Protection@11] for a big damage reduction.
    • [[Otyugh's Cry@11] for a +24 armor buff to your pet with unblockability.
    • [[Feral Aggression@11] for a minor damage buff.
  • [[Resurrection Signet] / [[Sunspear Rebirth Signet] to resurrect fallen teammates.</pvxbig>

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