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This is a build used for farming The Forest of The Wailing Lord in the FoW, using a build that is much faster than the old poison arrow/burning arrow build.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ranger/Monk marksmanship=12+1+1 wildernesssurvival=9+1 healingprayers=9 expertise=3][Barrage]["I Am The Strongest!"][Distracting Shot][Dryder's Defenses][Storm Chaser][Vigorous Spirit][Troll Unguent][Conflagration][/build] </pvxbig>

  • This was tested with Rank 5 to 10 Norn. The rank shouldn't really matter, all it is is a little extra damage.
  • Replace Dryder's Defenses with Mental Block for more reliable blocking, with the added bonus of not being a stance, the higher the asura rank, the better.
  • Natural Stride for Dryder's Defenses if inexperienced with running.
  • Incendiary Arrows for Barrage.


  • Full Pyrebound Insignia
  • Other than above runes, the biggest Vigor rune your can afford, and 2 runes of Vitae.
  • 20/20 Longbow of Fortitude for fighting, or a Zealous Longbow of Enchanting. 15/50, or 15 -5 inscriptions are ideal
  • Fortitude Weapon/Shield along the lines of Arrahhsh's Aegis


  • Enter the FoW
  • Run to the forest using Storm Chaser and Natural Stride (if you brought it), using Chest Run people for meat shields. Tell the runners before going into a mob that you want to activate troll unguent. If you die, do not worry, chest run people are expected to bring resurrection skills.
  • Once there, put up Conflagration, Vigorous Spirit, Troll Unguent, and pull a group. Use Storm Chaser to maintain energy, and use Distracting Shot to interrupt key skills (Troll Unguent on Spirit Woods*, Apply Poison on spiders), and use "I Am The Strongest!" whenever it recharges for extra damage. Barrage the group and it should be down very quickly. Try to Barrage the enemy in the middle of the group, so you can get max damage from Barrage, and more health gain.
  • Once you get to where the wailing lord is, you can try the shoot and run away technique to kill the skeletal berserkers, but beware of skeletal impaler pop ups. If you manage to clear them, you should be able to clear the whole forest.
  • As soon as a spider pops it will open with Apply Poison, so when you see one immediately use d-shot.


  • Not Knowing FoW (Major)
  • Spider Pop-Ups (Very Minor)
  • Poor Running Technique (Major)
  • Iron Mist (Minor)

See Also

Build:R/Me Fissure Forest Farmer for extra details on the run.

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