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The Prepared Concussion Ranger does the job of a usual ranger, including spreading interrupts and poison. It carries Concussion Shot to spread dazed, and recovers from Concussion Shot's hefty energy cost with Prepared Shot.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/Mo exp=10+1 mar=11+1+1 wil=10+1 pro=1][Prepared Shot][Optional][Distracting Shot][Concussion Shot][Apply Poison][Mending Touch][Natural Stride][Resurrection Signet][/build]

  • [[Pin Down@13]
  • [[Debilitating Shot@13]
  • [[Lightning Reflexes (PvP)@11]


Equipment Edit

  • Silencing Recurve Bow of Fortitude.
  • Poisonous Short Bow of Fortitude.
  • Vampiric Flatbow of Fortitude.
  • Armor with Survivor's Insignias.
  • A collection of defensive Shield sets.

Usage Edit

Counters Edit

  • Block.
  • Melee hate.

Variants Edit

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