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Heavy damage Ranger build with easy energy management. Like the Am Fah!

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ranger/any Expertise=12+1 Marksmanship=12+1+1][Marksman's Wager][Asuran Scan][Penetrating Attack][Needling Shot][Sundering Attack][Savage Shot]["I Am the Strongest!"][Lightning Reflexes][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optional skills are:


  • Rigor Mortis [[Rigor Mortis] switch to Necro secondary if you prefer to prevent blocks. Otherwise make a hero do it.
  • Dual Shot [[Dual Shot]
  • Triple Shot [[Triple Shot]
  • Concussion Shot [[Concussion Shot] for interrupt/daze on casters. Though they're easily taken down regardless.


  • Armor
  • Full Radiant
  • Weapons
  • Sundering bow grip with 15^50 and +5 energy inscription


  • Cast Asuran Scan on your target and spam your skills.
  • When you're out of energy use Marksman's Wager and spam Needling Shot or Triple Shot to gain all your energy back easily. Then keep spamming your attack skills.
  • Don't use Needling Shot until you need energy gain or going to finish off the enemy
  • Use Marksman's Wager only when you're out of energy.


  • Blocking enemies
  • Blind



  • Antidote Signet [[Antidote Signet] to prevent blind
  • Brutal Weapon [[Brutal Weapon] switch to R/Rt if you want more damage, but chances of not being enchanted are low.



  • Expertise over 13 should be effective enough, but go ahead bring it over 15 if you want more energy gain from Marksman's Wager.
  • Make sure to use Asuran Scan to ensure that you will hit foes through blocking, the blind condition, and miss % hexes like Blurred Vision.
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