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*[[Build:A/R Critical Barrager]]
*[[Build:A/R Critical Barrager]]
*[[Build:Team - Barrage/Pet]]
*[[Build:Team - Barrage/Pet]]
*[[Guide:Barrager Guide]]
[[Category:Core builds|R/any General Barrager]]
[[Category:Core builds|R/any General Barrager]]

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is a basic Barrage Ranger that can be used and modified for many situations and secondary professions. The main goal is to use the common elite skill Barrage so as to synergize with other skills for a better effect or at least other skills that compliment it in its most common uses. Barrage is most often used to target groups of enemies while using increases to damage output or other effects on each barrage.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=range/any marksm=12+1+1 expert=8+1][barrage][distracting shot][savage shot][optional][optional][optional][optional][optional][/build] </pvxbig> Optional Optional slots for:


Marksmanship or Expertise (put remaining attribute points in Expertise)

Wilderness Survival (make Wilderness Survival 10)

Beast Mastery (make Beast Mastery 10)


No Attribute (put remaining points in Expertise)

Tactics (make Tactics 10)


Protection Prayers (Make Expertise 12, Protection Prayers 3)

  • Rebirth Rebirth is a useful skill to replace Resurrection Signet in PvE
  • Mending Touch Mending Touch is an efficient condition removal spell for rangers.


Curses (make Curses 10)

  • Mark of Pain Mark of Pain may cause scatter but can be most useful in narrow passages.


Elemental Damage (put 10 in the appropriate Magic type)

  • Conjure Flame Conjure Flame (and other Conjures) with the appropriate bow string can add damage to each barrage. If you wish to use a Vampiric or Zealous Weapon then use Conflagration
  • Intensity Intensity to increase damage output of conjure skill


Channeling Magic (make Channeling magic 10)

Other (put remaining attribute points in Expertise)


Command (put 10 in Command)



PvE-Only Skills


  • Any armor can be used though Survivor insignias are best.
  • Vampiric or Zealous bow strings are used a lot in Barrage builds as you get multiple hits per shot (provided the build doesn't call for an elemental string) though a Sundering string is a good stand-by if you don't want to worry about the degen and makes a good switch-out weapon.
  • A Flatbow is commonly used in a barrage build provided Favorable Winds is brought as well to lessen the large arrow arc from a Flatbow and to help speed the arrows to their targets. Otherwise, each bow has its own ups and downs but can be used as preferred. If you wish to use a green Flatbow:


  • The function of a barrage build varies slightly but the overall effect is to do damage to a group of foes with each use. Therefore, attacking the central most target in a group is desired for the best effect rather than the closest.
  • Placement of any spirits before hand is key as they usually increase the damage and speed the arrows fly at. Be sure to place them where they will be effective yet not attacked by enemies.
  • Often, interrupt skills are brought along to take out any big skills or those that might hurt you like Meteor Shower or Resurrect as examples of big skills or Spiteful Spirit as examples of a skill that can seriously hinder or hurt you. Be aware that you will have to wait for the barrage animation to finish before the interrupt will fire.
  • Some sort of self heal, condition removal (primarily for blindness), or defensive stance is popular as well though not required.


  • Any standard melee/ranger counters such as blindness, on attack/hit hexes, or blocking.

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