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This build is designed to help cap shrines through Ancestors Rage and Splinter Weapon, and also support the team with heals. <pvxbig> [build prof=rt/a chann=12+1+1 rest=12+2 spawn=3][Optional][Ancestors Rage][Splinter Weapon][Weapon of Warding][Soothing Memories][Optional][Protective was Kaolai][Dash][/build]

  • Optional 1
    • [[Clamor of Souls@14] aids in nuking shrines, and enemies
    • [[Destructive was Glaive@14] can rape enemy shrines if you precast it. Precast->Run in->Cast again->Drop that one (Drop Protective was Kaolai)
    • [[Caretaker's Charge@14] helps to cap shrines, but more useful in small skirmishes
    • [[Grasping was Kuurong@14] can help to cap shrines. Follow procedure above, but wait between dropping the re-casted GwK to get the second KD effect (Drop PwK)
    • [[Weapon of Remedy@13] if your party needs more heals, and can also help in skirmishes to deal damage
    • [[Xinrae's Weapon@13] if your party needs more heals, and can also help in skirmishes to deal damage
  • Optional 2
    • [[Mend Body and Soul@13] as a reliable, easy to use heal
    • [[Wielder's Boon@13] as an efficient heal, if you use Splinter Weapon and Weapon of Warding wisely



  • Full Survivor's
  • Weapon doesn't really matter (Holding PwK/BwM/DwG/GwK), but may want to carry a defensive set just in case


  • Maintain PwK (or your item spell)
  • Use Splinter Weapon on an ally that attacks fast/many targets at once to cap shrines
  • Use Ancestors Rage on a melee ally to cap shrines
  • Use your elite either as defense or to cap shrines
  • Use Soothing Memories as a cheap heal.
  • Use Dash to run faster


  • Resilient Weapon over Weapon of Warding
  • Dark Escape can replace Dash (spec 3 in Shadow Arts instead of Spawning Power)
  • Warmonger's Weapon can neutralize nearly any caster target.
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