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The Explosive Creation build deals damage throughout the opposing foes and upon the creation, life, and death of animated minions. This build takes advantage of Spawning Power's ability to affect minion creation as well as spirits.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=ritua/necro spawni=12+1+3 deathm=12 restor=3][boon of creation][explosive growth][animate bone minions][Optional][death nova][Rupture Soul][Optional][flesh of my flesh][/build] </pvxbig> <pvxbig>

  • Optional Optional 1 should be:
    • Animate Flesh Golem [[Animate Flesh Golem] → For general corpse-heavy usage.
    • Aura of the Lich [[Aura of the Lich] → For corpse-light (and corpse-heavy) areas.
    • Jagged Bones [[Jagged Bones] → For self-replenishing bombs; Recommended for heroes.
    • Signet of Spirits [[Signet of Spirits] → For corpse-free energy management and PB-AoE-DD.
  • Optional Optional 2 should be:
    • Signet of Creation [[Signet of Creation] for extra energy: recommended for heroes.
    • Animate Shambling Horror [[Animate Shambling Horror] if you are not using Jagged Bones.
    • Energetic Was Lee Sa [[Energetic Was Lee Sa] if you are having Energy management issues.
    • Enfeebling Blood [[Enfeebling Blood] to spread Weakness on enemies.
    • Feast for the Dead [[Feast for the Dead] or Taste of Death [[Taste of Death] if you are using Animate Flesh Golem.
    • Infuse Condition [[Infuse Condition] or Putrid Bile [[Putrid Bile] are recommended for General PvE.
    • Spirit&#039;s Gift [[Spirit's Gift] is particulary effective with Aura of the Lich.
    • Rupture Soul [[Rupture Soul] if you are using Signet of Spirits.



  • Possible Weapon set options:
  • Best Vigor rune possible and superior Spawning Power. All other minor runes to conserve health.
  • Survivor or Radiant Insignia. Runes of Vitae and/or Attunement are also recommended.



  • Keep Boon of Creation [[Boon of Creation] and Explosive Growth [[Explosive Growth] up when creating minions.
  • Use Animate Flesh Golem [[Animate Flesh Golem] when you do not have one.
  • Use Aura of the Lich [[Aura of the Lich] once you have a significant number of corpses.
  • Use Jagged Bones [[Jagged Bones] to ensure your suicide bombers are reborn.
  • Use Animate Bone Minions [[Animate Bone Minions] when you already have a Flesh Golem. This doubles the Explosive Growth damage and provides two targets for Death Nova [[Death Nova]. With Boon of Creation, this skill almost entirely recovers its energy cost upon successful cast.
  • Use Blood of the Master [[Blood of the Master] to keep minions alive between battles.
  • Use Death Nova [[Death Nova] on yourself as a cover enchantment in disenchantment-heavy areas.

Check General minion mastery guide for an in depth discussion of minion usage. </pvxbig>


  • Enchantment removal.
  • Corpse denial, including faster-casting Well spells.
  • Holy Damage, which causes double damage against undead creatures.
  • High-powered Area of Effect damage, easily dispatching the low-level minions before they come into Death Nova range.



  • Use Animate Shambling Horror [[Animate Shambling Horror] and/or Jagged Bones [[Jagged Bones] for longer lasting (and renewable) undead followers and to trigger Explosive Growth [[Explosive Growth] and Boon of Creation [[Boon of Creation] when they die and create Jagged Horrors.
  • Use Taste of Death [[Taste of Death], Putrid Flesh [[Putrid Flesh] or Feast for the Dead [[Feast for the Dead] instead of Signet of Creation [[Signet of Creation] to focus on killing off specific minions, specifically the Animate Flesh Golem [[Animate Flesh Golem] to create a new one, to trigger Death Nova [[Death Nova] when required, and to self-heal.
  • Use Generous Was Tsungrai [[Generous Was Tsungrai] with a few extra points towards Restoration when low on health and immediately drop to heal.
  • Reduce Spawning Power, increase Restoration, and add spirits such as Recuperation [[Recuperation] (breakpoint 4 ranks) to help your teammates and minions last longer.
  • Use Rotting Flesh [[Rotting Flesh] to spread disease, Bitter Chill [[Bitter Chill] for spammable damage, Vile Miasma [[Vile Miasma] for damage and degen, Deathly Swarm [[Deathly Swarm] for groups of enemies, or Putrid Bile [[Putrid Bile] / Rising Bile [[Rising Bile] for alternate AoE spikes.
  • Swap out Blood of the Master [[Blood of the Master] for Spirit&#039;s Gift [[Spirit's Gift].
  • Swap out Signet of Creation [[Signet of Creation] for Spirit Light [[Spirit Light] or Putrid Bile [[Putrid Bile] if using Heroes.
  • Swap out Animate Flesh Golem [[Animate Flesh Golem] / Aura of the Lich [[Aura of the Lich] for Reclaim Essence [[Reclaim Essence] (bring along a spirit), Spirit Channeling [[Spirit Channeling], or Attuned Was Songkai [[Attuned Was Songkai] for superior Energy management.
  • Various PvE-only skills, such as Necrosis [[Necrosis], Ebon Battle Standard of Honor [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor] and Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom [[Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom] may be effective.


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