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This Ritualist uses the Elite Ritual Lord combined with Life and Rejuvenation to both reduce their recharges and increase their effects for powerful and constant party-healing, while supporting its allies with standard Restoration Magic and Channeling Magic.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Rt/any RestorationMagic=11+1+1 ChannelingMagic=10+1 SpawningPower=10+2][Optional][Optional][Spirit Light][Spirit Siphon][Life@17][Rejuvenation@17][Ritual Lord][Optional][/build]

  • 1st and 2nd Optional slots:
    • [[Mend Body and Soul@13] for condition removal and a small heal.
    • [[Ancestors' Rage@11] for AoE damage.
    • [[Destruction@15] for larger AoE damage that requires you to be in the area of the monsters.
    • [[Splinter Weapon@11] for AoE damage with physicals.
    • See Variants.
  • 3rd Optional slot:
    • [[Selfless Spirit (Kurzick)] / [[Selfless Spirit (Luxon)] to reduce the costs of Spirit Light and Spirit Siphon (and MBaS and Splinter Weapon).
    • [[Boon of Creation@12] for a net Energy gain (with Spirit Siphon) from your Spirits.



  • Armor: Survivor Insignias, a Rune of Vigor, and Runes of Vitae.
  • Weapons: A Spear/Axe/Sword of Fortitude inscribed with "I Have the Power!" with a Restoration Focus of Fortitude, and a Weapon of Enchanting swap for Selfless Spirit or Boon of Creation.


  • Swap to your Enchanting to cast Boon of Creation before battle or to use Selfless Spirit when it becomes necessary to use Spirit Light nearly on recharge.
  • At the beginning of a battle, use Ritual Lord before summoning Life and Rejunevation, and follow up with Spirit Siphon after summoning them. Renew the Spirits as they expire.
    • Summon Life while it's already active to destroy the first and trigger its heal.
  • Use Spirit Light for a powerful heal.
  • Use your 1st and 2nd Optional skills as necessary.


  • Anti-caster.



  • [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor]
  • [[Great Dwarf Weapon]
  • [[Feast of Souls@12], especially with Destruction
  • [[Death Pact Signet@13]
  • [[Flesh of My Flesh@13]
  • [[Protective Was Kaolai@13]
  • [[Pure Was Li Ming@13]
  • [[Spirit Transfer@13]


[build prof=Rt/any SpawningPower=12+1+1 ChannelingMagic=9+1 RestorationMagic=9+1][Great Dwarf Weapon][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor][Feast of Souls][Life@14][Destruction@14][Ritual Lord][Spirit Siphon][Boon of Creation][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Rejuvenation will heal for and lose exactly 11 Health even if the party member is less than 11 Health below his or her maximum, which can be problematic with small Health degeneration when near maximum Health.
  • Rejuvenation has 681 Health, and can be resummoned in 15.75 (15 sec recharge + 0.75 sec cast) seconds after casting (with Ritual Lord). This equates a maximum of 43.2 Health per second, divided among party members who drop below full Health. Ideally, it could support 4 party members at once and always (well, 98% of the time) be active in-battle. If Rejuvenation affects the whole party for its entire duration, it will still heal for 8 Health per second. Combined with Life, that's a 13 Health per second for the entire party or 19 Health per second just for the 4 party members.
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