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:*{{skill icon|Dissonance}} → For anti-caster interrupts.
:*{{skill icon|Dissonance}} → For anti-caster interrupts.
:*{{skill icon|Shadowsong}} → For anti-melee shutdown.
:*{{skill icon|Shadowsong}} → For anti-melee shutdown.
:*{{skill icon|Agony}} → For massive PBAoE damage-over-time. Does not synergize with '''Painful Bond'''.
:*{{skill icon|Destruction}} → For massive PBAoE instant direct-damage. Does not synergize with '''Painful Bond'''.
:*{{skill icon|Soothing}} → For anti-adrenaline support. Does not synergize with '''Painful Bond'''.
:*{{skill icon|Restoration}} → For resurrection support. Does not synergize with '''Painful Bond'''.
*When carrying other/more spirits -- or using [[gw:Signet of Ghostly Might|Signet of Ghostly Might]] -- changing the highest attribute from Channeling to Communing and/or increasing Spawning Power may be advisable. If more than one Ritualist is in a party, splitting between Channeling (SoS, Bloodsong, and Vampirism) on one Ritualist with Communing (SoGM, Anguish, Shadowsong, and Disenchantment) on the other makes for powerful synergy.
** [[image:Splinter Weapon.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Weapon_spell|Weapon spell]]s can be used for additional party support. [[gww:Vital Weapon|Vital Weapon]] for additional health, [[gww:Great Dwarf Weapon|Great Dwarf Weapon]] for knockdown support, and [[gww:Splinter Weapon|Splinter Weapon]] for AoE-damage.
** [[image:Binding Chains.jpg|25px]] [[gww:hex_spell|Hex spell]]s can be used for additional party support. [[gww:Lamentation|Lamentation]] for massive AoE pressure, [[gww:Dulled Weapon|Dulled Weapon]] for damage-reduction, and [[gww:Binding Chains|Binding Chains]] for quick snare-burst.
** [[image:Gaze from Beyond.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Lightning_Damage|Lightning Damage ]]s can be used for additional party support. [[gww:Spirit Rift|Spirit Rift]] for massive AoE pressure, [[gww:Spirit Boon Strike|Spirit Boon Strike]] for additional healing, and [[gww:Gaze from Beyond|Gaze from Beyond]] for reliable shutdown.
**{{skill icon|Boon of Creation}}, [[gww:Explosive Growth|Explosive Growth]], [[gww:Spirit's Gift|Spirit's Gift]] synergizes extremely with with '''SoS''' (and '''Spirit Lording''' in general). Also consider [[gww:Damage_reduction|Damage reduction]] such as [[gww:Armor of Unfeeling|Armor of Unfeeling]] or [[gww:Spiritleech Aura|Spiritleech Aura]] for lifestealing.
** [[image:Spirit Light.jpg|25px]] [[gw:Spirit Light|Spirit Light]] will provide a fair amount of heal even at 1 Restoration. [[gw:Mend Body and Soul|Mend Body and Soul]] provides spammable condition-removals. [[gww:Point blank area of effect|Allied healing]] such as [[gw:Spirit to Flesh|Spirit to Flesh]] can be used as a powerful PBAoE heal for your spirits.
** [[image:Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support.jpg|25px]] [[gww:PvE_skills_quick_reference|PvE-only skill]]s such as [[gw:Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support|Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support]], [[gww:Tryptophan Signet|Tryptophan Signet]] and [[gw:"You Move Like a Dwarf!"|"You Move Like a Dwarf!"]] are great for aggro and snaring foes that threaten your spirits. [[gw:"Finish Him!"|"Finish Him!"]] and [[gw:Pain Inverter|Pain Inverter]] are perfect for finishing off bosses that refuse to die.
** [[image:Flesh of My Flesh.jpg|25px]] [[gww:Resurrection_skills_quick_reference|Resurrection skill]] such as [[gww:Flesh of My Flesh|Flesh of My Flesh]].
** [[image:"Find Their Weakness!".jpg|25px]] [[gww:Damage_per_second|Damage buffs]] such as [[gww:"Find Their Weakness!"|"Find Their Weakness!"]].
== Notes ==
== Notes ==

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Mission-icon This build is part of the current PvE meta.
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This build is simply to have a pure Spirit Wrangler Ritualist: to support the team with focused armor-ignoring damage. It takes advantage of the extremely powerful Kurzick/Luxon skill, Summon Spirits, to move around your spirits. Combined with spirit attacks triggering Painful Bond, this will inflict significant damage. It's extremely useful for Hard Mode and Vanquishing, especially when paired with a Minion Master.

Attributes and Skills

The Kurzick Template Code: <pvxbig> [build prof=Rt/? com=12+3 cha=11+1+3 spa=6+1][Painful Bond][Signet of Spirits][Pain][Vampirism][Bloodsong][Anguish][Summon Spirits (Kurzick)][Boon Of Creation][/build] </pvxbig> The Luxon Template Code: OACjAyiM5QVTXTfT+glTRbDgMTA


  • Insignias on armor: You are free to choose between Radiant (Energy) Insignia, Survivor (Health) Insignia, or Shaman (Armor) Insignia.
  • Staff that reduces spell recharge time or increases maximum energy like Staff of the Forgotten.


  • Maintain Boon Of Creation for energy regain on casting spirits; combine with Signet of Spirits for a high energy boost.
  • Summon your cheap/long lasting spirits before entering battle. For spirits with a shorter lifespan such as Anguish, wait until enemies are nearby before you cast. Once foes are within attack-range, call targets followed by casting Summon Spirits. Recast any spirits if necessary. Do -NOT- to draw aggro upon them.
  • Cast Painful Bond on groups of foes and Bosses as it recharges. Spirits will prioritize uncalled targets with the lowest health; use this behavior to your advantage to cast Painful Bond.
  • Use Summon Spirits to evacuate and heal any spirits that are under attack. If you are under melee attack, you can Summon Spirits or Signet of Spirits and back away. This will creates a Wall of Spirits to block the attacking foe; however, spirits will die quickly so use this tactic sparingly. Destruction and Agony are effective spirits for this tactic.


  • AoE on your spirits will cause huge damage on them. Run out of AoE area and cast Summon Spirits to rescue them.
  • Anti-summoned creature skills that can spike-kill spirits. (i.e. Banish, Consume Soul, Spiritual Pain, etc.)



  • You can use superior runes for this build to yield small but higher damage/energy management. (Be aware that monsters in PvE tend to target people with the lowest maximum health.)
  • By conservative estimates, this build deals between 400-700+ damage towards any single foe -- on average 100+ damage-per-second -- over a period of 5+ seconds. (Depending on you choice of elites, spirits and/or runes.)
  • With practiced targeting and proper party coordination, it can be quite common to spike-kill any unprotected non-boss foe with the initial volley-attack.
  • The real big advantage here versus other spirit wrangler builds is that you do not need time to build up your firebase-killzone. (The damage source is there fully when you need it).

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