• In the case of the build above, the player was the Necromancer, and the others were all Heroes. If taking an all hero team, such as this one, swap a few of the skills in whichever character type the player is using for Light of Deldrimor and Pain Inverter. These two skills are invaluable thoughout the dungeon, and Pain Inverter is useful specifically when defeating Fendi Nin and Cursed Brigands.
  • This would probably also work even better as a team with all human-controlled characters, but is untested in that regard, and was designed to help finish this dungeon with only heroes.
  • This build has been tested with the player playing as Ritualist, as Warrior, and as Necromancer, and was found to be equally effective in all three cases.
  • This dungeon is still fairly difficult with this build, and the player can expect one to four party wipes when fighting Fendi, as well as some deaths and/or party wipes while fighting large mobs with lots of Wizards on the way down. Due to the high number of enemies and mobs in this dungeon, recovery from DP will be rapid in most cases. Each time the build was used, when approaching Fendi for the first time, all characters had a 10% bonus.
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