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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build uses the general 600/Smite team with the added Quickening Zephyr ranger to make Spell Breaker infinite and no down time between shield of absorption casts. The results are being able to completely clear out 95% of all areas in the game in HM. This build can be used for vanquishing, clearing dungeons, cartography, farming bosses, and FoW, UW and DoA.

Team Composition

  • Monk-icon-small/Asterisk 600 Monk
Spell Breaker Protective Spirit Spirit Bond Shield of Absorption Optional Optional Essence Bond Blessed Aura
  • Monk-icon-small/Asterisk Smiter Monk
Shield of Judgment Holy Wrath Optional Optional Optional Vital Blessing Life Attunement Retribution
  • Ranger-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Quickening Zephyr Ranger
Serpent's Quickness Quickening Zephyr Optional Optional Optional Optional Essence Bond Balthazar's Spirit

600 Monk

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/any Protection=12+1+3 Divine=12+1][spell breaker][protective spirit][spirit bond][shield of absorption][optional][optional][essence bond][blessed aura][/build] </pvxbig>

These are the most common optional skills used, but there's tons of others for various situations.


  • Lowest AL possible. (preferably 15, or 5 if you saved your beginner armor.)
  • Radiant and attunement runes.
  • Any weapon with +20% enchantments and energy bonuses.



  • Re-allocate your attributes (preferably out of protection prayers) to compliment the optional skills you decide to take.
  • Maintain [[Essence Bond] and [[Blessed Aura@13].
  • Use [[Protective Spirit@16] and aggro as much as possible. If there are potentially dangerous casters in the group, use [[Spell Breaker@13] before aggroing.
  • Maintain [[Spirit Bond@16] and [[Shield of Absorption@16] until everything is dead.
  • Use your optional skills as described above.


Smiter Monk

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/any smiti=12+1+3 protect=12+3][Shield of Judgment][Holy Wrath][optional][optional][optional][vital blessing][life attunement][retribution][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor doesn't matter here.
  • Any weapon with +20% enchantments.


  • Always remain a good distance away from the battle, but not so far that the enchantments will lose connection with the 600 monk.
  • Can be human or hero.
  • Maintain on the 600 monk.:
  • Apply Shield of Judgment Shield of Judgment and Holy Wrath Holy Wrath before the 600 monk gains aggro. Re-apply until everything is dead.
  • Give your monk energy when he/she asks for it.
  • Use your optional skills as described above.
  • Sit back, relax and watch the action.

Quickening Zephyr Ranger

<pvxbig> [build prof=r/mo wild=12+1+3 exper=12+3][serpent's quickness][quickening zephyr][optional][optional][optional][optional][essence bond][balthazar's spirit][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Frozen Soil Frozen Soil for when there is excessive resurrection.
  • Healing for small heals to keep the team alive if there's traps or environment effects (especially in dungeons). Another example would be a skill that returns damage back to its origin:


  • Armor doesn't matter here.
  • Any weapon with energy bonuses.



  • Stay with the smiter monk..
  • Can be human or hero. (preferably human because it can be tricky to micro him while in the middle of a big battle.)
  • Maintain on the 600 monk:
  • Use [[Serpent's Quickness@16] and [[Quickening Zephyr@16] when there are dangerous casters that won't die within 1 Spell Breaker duration or excessive melee that will destroy the monk between shield of absorption casts. Another reason for using this could be because there is a super healer that has infinite energy. Quickening Zephyr will make those skills cost more and reduce the recharge, so the super healer will lose energy faster, won't be able to heal, and die.
  • Use the optional skills as described above.





  • The Quickening Zephyr Ranger can be exempt from the team if the area is possible to get through without infinite Spell Breaker or there isn't excessive melee. You won't need the QZ ranger for most areas, and some dungeons are possible to get through without the QZ ranger as well, such as Cathedral of Flames. If you decide not to bring the QZ Ranger, you will have to put in [[Balthazar's Spirit] on the 600 monk, which only leaves room for 1 optional.



  • Careful research of the enemies in each area you plan on taking on is recommended before doing so. It will allow you to plan out which optional skills you need to take, and discover the best and fastest route to get around.
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