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The Shards of Orr 3 Man farmers were created to complete the Shards of Orr dungeon in Hard Mode with minimal dificulty in a little more than an hour (with an average pace) for end chest, locked chests, hidden chests, and even running others for profit.

600 Mod

<pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/Ranger wildernesssurvival=10 divinefavor=10+1 protectionprayers=11+3][Shield of Absorption][spirit bond][protective spirit][spell breaker]["i am unstoppable!"][storm chaser][Essence Bond][Blessed aura][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Radiant insignias and runes of attunement on all armor pieces
  • Lowest AL, just like any 600
  • The headpiece is a Divine +1 with a Superior protection
  • Standard 600 weapons of your choice


  • Cast the Enchants on yourself as soon as you are in the dungeon
  • Keep I Am Unstoppable! up at all times when fighting any wizards
  • Storm chaser is used for energy management and running the braziers in 2nd, and 3rd levels
  • Beware! I Am Unstoppable boosts your armor by 24, so you still take enough damage from spells and melee attacks, BUT!!!!, Wand/Staff attacks from casters wont provide with any health gain. You have to space yourself out to when stop the shout and not cast it anymore.


<pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/Necromancer ProtectionPrayers=12+3 SmitingPrayers=12+3+1 BloodMagic=3][Blood is Power][Purge Signet][Blessed Signet][Vital Blessing][Life Attunement][Holy Wrath][Retribution][Rebirth][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Anything you prefer


  • Cast enchants on the 600 when in the dungeon
  • If a monster group contains Skeletal Hounds, be in range of the 600 to see when he gets interrupted (usually Dazed), and cast Purge Signet on him ASAP

Ranger Hybrid

<pvxbig> [build prof=ranger/monk wildernesssurvival=12+3+1 expertise=12][Greater conflagration][serpent's quickness][quickening zephyr][optional][optional][essence bond][balthazar's spirit][rebirth][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Preferably a staff for higher energy.


  • Atleast 1 of the optionals should be heals
  • Other optional can be preferably Succor for higher energy management for 600


  • Cast 2(or 3) enchants on tank on entering of dungeon
  • Keep QZ up when engaged in a Mob
  • GC Should be kept up at the boss, and at any other location the 600 desires

General Usage

  • This build is quite simple to execute with an experienced 600. It can be done with 1 person but it may be hard to complete the boss having to look at the ranger for his spirits
  • 2 Man can make this easy, with the ranger as the preferable person because of the response time on heroes can be a little high and QZ may not be up 24/7
  • Spirits should be cast, where your edge of the aggro circle, is the 600's green dot. Keep up QZ for the 600 for easier survivability, but if the mobs break into your group, leave the spirits behind as meat shields.
  • Enchanted groups do not require any spirits, but the rest of the group excluding the 600, should be a little further away from the group as they are all melee and break oftenly
  • Skeletal hounds have Skull Crack, and can easily daze you in which case the ranger or the smiter have to use Purge Signet Immediately, but if SoA (which is the most likely skill to get dazed on) is casted as soon as it recharges, the Hounds shouldnt be a problem as they will die about when the SoA ends. If not, just recast Spirit Bond for the finishing touch
  • Skeletal Archers are a dangerous monster in this dungeon, as they have both interrupts and energy denial. Unfortunately, interrupts cannot be dealt with, but energy management can be countered by GC and Storm Chaser Combo

The Run to Dungeon Entrance

  • The run is quite simple, put on your 600 armor
  • You can avoid most groups (except sometimes, the group right before the walking trees aggroes) and just use your enchants accordingly as well as spamming SC.
  • Walk into the dungeon, walk out, take the quest, and walk back in.

Room 1

  • Room 1 is a fairly easy room to take care of, except the mobs in the last part of the room
These are very dangerous and should be pulled 1 group at a time. 1 group contains easy targets such as wizards and brutes, but the other is a extremely dangerous group with both rangers and hounds. Use a longbow to pull.
  • 15 minutes is a good time

Room 2

  • Room 2 is also just as easy, other than the "hill group". I this is the group that spawns after the 4 flame braziers are lit around the hill.
Let the Ranger or other player you trust, light the braziers, because sometimes the hill group spawns in a very awkward spot making it nearly impossible to take it out, and its much easier if you have a fresh start. The rest of the player group should stay outside the door.
  • The brazier duty should be handled by the ranger or smiter or any other player you trust.
  • Room after the flame traps - the group in the end should be cleared first. Then, light the brazier further away from the stairs first, then the one closer. As soon as this happens, a group spawns very close to you but don't panic, as far as I know, it never aggroes. After the braziers have been lit, and the mob spawned, have the ranger spawn his spirits and kill the group like usual.
  • 13 minutes is a good time

Room 3

  • This is the longest room and usually takes about 30 minutes to complete, maybe even 25 if not sidetracked, or died.
  • It is also the most simple as it doesnt have anything hard about it but the boss at the end. The group before the boss should be handled seperately
  • Bone dragons should be taken out first without agroeing the archers, make sure to cast spell breaker, they have chillblains.
  • For rangers, have GC and SC up so you dont get e-denialed

The Boss

  • It is wise to pull the boss onto the 2nd flame trap, or even the first depending on his spawn.
  • KEEP Storm Chaser UP AT ALL TIMES!!! (Ranger should keep spirits up 24/7 with no downtime as well)
  • KEEP SB UP AT ALL TIMES!!! (Unless Interrupted)
  • Make sure to know about how long the soul stays up before the body spawns again. Do not cast SoA when the soul has been up for a while, and save it for when the rangers spawn, and cast it immediately
  • If for some unlucky reason, you need to cast SB and SoA at the same time when the Body + Rangers have spawned, cast SB first, then spirit bond.
  • If your SB gets interrupted at ANY TIME, make sure PS is on top of the other 2 enchantments, SoA and Spirit Bond, because chillblains removes 2 of your lowest enchantments, therefore, keeping Protective spirit up. If your PS gets stripped, it takes a miricle to keep alive, because alot of the times, chillblains is followed by Descecrate Enchantments which can hit you up to 1000 dmg without PS


  • I wanted to keep this build secret, but others decided to leak it on purpose so i decided i will post this on PvX for everyone to see.
  • I know this dungeon can be done with 2man without the ranger, BUT, it is highly dificult. I have completed it without a ranger, but it took me about 2+ hours, since the boss dificulty is about 300% higher
  • Good luck and I hope everyone has many prosperous runs, aka, the CoF.
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