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This build is for doing Domain of Anguish in Normal Mode and Hard Mode if very experienced. Be sure to use consets when running this build, and you should be able to beat every area fairly easy. It is advised that in Normal Mode, to take a 4th Glaive Spiker as the Minion Master's primary use to take pressure off the monks


<pvxbig> [build prof=P/W spear=11+1 command=8+1 leader=11+1][vicious attack][go for the eyes]["Save Yourselves!" (Kurzick)][lightbringer signet]["There's Nothing to Fear!"][they're on fire][focused anger][blazing finale][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Full Centurion's Insignias, command shield with +10vs demons if possible (can be found in DoA)
  • Weapons: Furious - +5 energy spear.


Panic Crowd Controller {Optional}

<pvxbig>[build prof=Me/Any Domination=12+1+2 Fast=10+1 Inspiration=8][Panic][Unnatural Signet][Cry of Pain][Mistrust][Lightbringer Signet][Mantra of Earth]["I am unstoppable!"][Arcane Mimicry][/build]</pvxbig>


  • Armor: Full Survivor's Insignias, Superior Vigor.
  • Weapons: Staff that increases maximum energy like Staff of the Forgotten.


  • Keep Panic on mobs
  • Use IAU for pulls with knockdowns or cripple and when tanking.
  • Spam Mistrust on Dryders or other frequent casters.
  • Use Lightbringer Signet for energy management.
  • Rip UA from the monk for a quick res. This allows the monks to worry about healing and not ressing.


  • This slot can easily be filled with an SoS ritualist or another DWG nuker. Panic provides optimal survivability and decent utility however.

AotL Necromancer

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/? name="Aotl" death=12+1+3 sou=8+1 cur=10+1][Aura of the Lich@18][Animate Bone Minions@19][Death Nova@19][masochism][Putrid Bile@19][Barbs][Mark of Pain][Lightbringer's Gaze][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Full Tormentor's Insignias, Superior Death, Superior Vigor, Minor Soul Reaping, Minor Curses, Vitae
  • Weapons: Insightful, Hale, Defensive (staff)


  • Bomb mobs.


  • Can be played by a hero

UA Monk

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/any hea=12+1+1 pro=3 div=12+1][Dwayna's Kiss][patient spirit][Cure Hex][Dismiss Condition][Seed of Life][lightbringer signet][Heal Party][Unyielding Aura][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Full Survivor Insignias, Minor Divine Favour, Minor Healing Prayers, Attunement.
  • Weapons: 40/40 Healing set, Energy +30 set.


  • Chain Seed of Life.
  • Rez with UA.
  • Remove hexes from the paragon, or slowing hexes from the Glaivers.
  • Keep blind off the Paragon.


Make one of the monks call SoL, better effect when chaining.

HB Monk

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/Me hea=12+1+1 div=12+1][Dwayna's Kiss][Ethereal Light][Cure Hex][Seed of Life][lightbringer signet][Heal Party][Healer's Boon][Arcane Mimicry][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Full Survivor Insignias, Minor Divine Favour, Minor Healing Prayers, Attunement.
  • Weapons: 40/40 Healing set, Energy +30 set.


  • Chain Seed of Life.
  • Cast Mimicry on the UA monk, maintain the enchantment at all times.
  • Should the UA monk die, rez with UA.
  • Remove hexes from the paragon, or slowing hexes from the Glaivers.


Make one of the monks call SoL, better effect when chaining.

General Usage


Pop cons, go in, kill everythig. Save wall mobs until the rest is dead. Once the wall mobs are killed, rush into the city and go right. Avoid the left mob. Work your way through the city counterclockwise. When done, get your quest reward and go outside. Kill the first mob when it comes towards you.

Jadoth mob

By now you should've found out if your backline is half decent or not. If they are, bodypull the whole jadoth mob. If your backline sucks, bow pull individual mobs seperately. Get your single gem(QQ) and go to veil


Last person gets the quest. Go to the left side. Spawnkill everything. When the left side is dead, go back. One person pulls the large mob. When they are almost at you, stand still so they ball nicely around you. Monks should use seed on the puller when standing still. When the mob's balled start killing it. After that mob is killed go right, stand where the two spawns come together and kill them. After those are dead kill the ranger overlord. Again, one person pulls, monks seed, rest kills. Same goes for the dervish overlord but watch our for popups. One person (the puller) should go ahead of the rest.

Trenches are fairly easy. Just kill the lords and don't aggro any other groups in the meanwhile.

Dreadspawn Maw

A little harder. Try interrupting Torment Slash with Lightbringer's Gaze. Kill spawns when a tendril dies. Torment claws can be left alone. Repeat for the other five tendrils. After you're done, collect your gems and head to Gloom


People with hex removal, SAVE THEM FOR THE PARAGON!I can't stress it enough! Keep the Para clean! Also, you will want to start using Mantra of Earth now since you're going to encounter earth damage.

Take quest, make your way to the cave. Fight ouside. It shouldn't be hard. After that, go to the rift, try not to aggro any other mobs. When you're at the rift, close it and run away. Don't keep fighting. Just run. When everyone has broken aggro, have one DwG get the quest reward(and take the following quest). Kill the deathbringer company and wait for the quest guy to come. He might get bodyblocked by a mob. If that's the case, kill it. Take your quest reward.


KEEP MANTRA OF EARTH UP! It's a life saver.

Ok, don't blow your load until the last spawn. Don't case Echo yet. Don't drop your DwG, keep it on you and just cast it again to 'drop' it. Kill the first three darknesses. They should be easy. When the next 5 darknesses are at a low health, start using Arcane echo and SPAM your skills because huge amounts of earth tormentors will spawn. If you're good, you will kill them before you'll take any deaths. If not, the monks have to run. (You can easily break aggro with an essence active) and res the DwGs. Kill off the other earth tormentors, grab your chest and go to foundry.


Keep Mantra of Earth up at all times.

First room

Easy. Kill them when they spawn.

Second room

Same. You shouldn't have any trouble

Third room

A little trickier. Make sure to run to the corner and pull mobs individually

Fourth room

There can be difficulty, but it shouldn't be a problem if done right. Just kill them and don't be bad

Fifth room

DO.NOT.OVER.AGGRO. Just take your time and kill mobs one by one. Also just don't get the quest until the area is cleared.


Easy. Just kill the mobs as they spawn.

Black Pushover of Arrgh

Title says it. If you've gotten this far he shouldn't be a problem at all.

The Fury

Easy enough. Just move out of Meteor Shower and kill them. Collect your chest reward and resign.

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