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{{Great-Build|SC|PvE team}}
<Font color=deeppink>{{Great-Build|SC|PvE team}}
{{Dungeon Build}}
{{Dungeon Build}}
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==See Also==
==See Also==

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The PvXwiki community finds this to be an excellent build.

If you disagree with this rating, please discuss it on the build's talk page.

This build has been designed for the following use:

   Dungeon Guide This is part of the Dungeon Build series, see Dungeon Guide for all Dungeon builds.  
  EoC This build requires Consumables to operate properly.  

Uses a strong spike from Splinter/Barrages to get quick times in Frostmaws, without worry from Incubus.


Perma Tank

<pvxbig>[build prof=A/E ear=12 dead=3 sha=12+1+3][Shroud of Distress][Shadow Form][Stoneflesh Aura][Sliver Armor][Feigned Neutrality]["I Am Unstoppable!"][Dark Escape][Death's Charge][/build]</pvxbig>

  • Shadow Sanctuary for Shadow Refuge


20% Enchanting Staff, or 20% Martial Weapon and Shield

UA Monk

<pvxbig>[build prof=Mo/E hea=12+1+3 div=12+1][Unyielding Aura][Dwayna's Kiss][Patient Spirit][Infuse Health][Seed of Life][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Heal Party][Light of Deldrimor][/build]</pvxbig>

Barragers x4 or 5

<pvxbig>[build prof=R/Rt mar=9+1+3 cha=12 exp=9+1][Splinter Weapon]["By Urals Hammer!"][Barrage][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][Flesh of my Flesh][/build]</pvxbig>

<pvxbig>[build prof=Rt/R mar=9 cha=12+1+3 spa=9+1][Splinter Weapon]["By Urals Hammer!"][Barrage][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][Flesh of my Flesh][/build]</pvxbig>



  • Required:
    • Zealous Bow of Fortitude

Incubus Killer (Rit)

<pvxbig>[build prof=Rt/? cha=12+1+2 spa=12+1][Signet of Spirits][Vampirism][Bloodsong][Pain][Optional][Optional][Painful Bond][Summon Spirits (Kurzick)][/build]</pvxbig>


Optional: MoP Caller

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/Any name="MoP" blood=9+1 cur=12+1+3 soul=9+1][Mark of Pain]["By Ural's Hammer!"][Order of Pain][Barbs]["Finish Him!"][Spiteful Spirit][Air of Superiority][Signet of Lost Souls][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Perma runs to dungeon
  • Leaves, everyone gets quest, re-enter.
  • Pops Essence
  • Runs Level 1 and 2, if dies on lvl 2, can easily be fought to and rezzed, takes ~5 mins if death for level 2.
  • Level 3, Pop an essence, Perma balls, Barragers spike, with spirits active. SOS helps to clean up any remainders, and puts spirits in front to protect when there are Incubus. UA Heals.
  • If you have a MoP caller, Perma balls, Caller calls, Spikers spike the target.
  • Perma runs level 4.
  • Group does level 5 together, with perma balling, and spikes, untill boss fight, where boss is taken out first, then young worms are taken out.
  • Full run should take about 30~45 mins for an Exp group, 45~1hr for inexperienced with deaths.

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