This team is a 2 player + 6 hero group based around a Mark of Pain Nuker human and any other human.


Human #1 MoP Nuker

Barbs Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Mark of Pain Assassin's Promise Reckless Haste Rigor Mortis Optional "By Ural's Hammer!"

MoP's trigger-happy ranger x3

Dual Shot Disrupting Shot Incendiary Arrows Keen Arrow Savage Shot Rapid Fire "Go for the Eyes!" Signet of Return
Dual Shot Disrupting Shot Incendiary Arrows Keen Arrow Savage Shot Rapid Fire Anthem of Envy Signet of Return
  • 9 Expertise; 12 marks; 10 Command.
  • Zealous bow of any kind MUST be used.
  • Disable Dual Shot and bind three keys to cause a big MoP/Barbs trigger when you're ready.

Second Human

"For Great Justice!" Air of Superiority "Save Yourselves!" Soldier's Stance "Fear Me!" Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Protector's Defense "To the Limit!"
  • Spam SY and spam EBSoH on recharge on the rangers.
  • Keep things safe with Prot Defense.

Ranger support

Order of the Vampire Blood Bond Splinter Weapon Warmonger's Weapon Nightmare Weapon Flesh of My Flesh Signet of Lost Souls Optional
  • For tougher areas, switch weapons to Restoration. (Life, Spirit Light, MBaS.)

Minion Bomber

Aura of the Lich Animate Bone Minions Putrid Bile "Fall Back!" Death Nova "We Shall Return!" Signet of Lost Souls Masochism

Heals and Prots

Protective Spirit Infuse Health Shield Guardian Spirit Bond Aegis Vigorous Spirit Ether Renewal Aura of Restoration
  • Run 10 Heal, 10 prot, 15 Energy Storage.


  • If anyone can be arsed, add big templates. I r maek rush j0b.
  • Disable LA and apply to ER hero only.
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