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The MQSC (Mount Qinkai Speed Clear) build uses teams of smiters, tanks and a finisher in combination with a runner in order to farm Luxon faction at Mount Qinkai in Hard Mode from Aspenwood Gate. With an average team, faction rewards can come anywhere from 9.5k-11k a run and runs take 7-12 minutes. Groups are normally formed in the European German districts.


Party members should split into three teams (Update With Current Meta):

Beach Team

  • Ritualist/Asterisk.jpg (Beach Channeling Ritualist)
optional Signet of Spirits Bloodsong optional Spirit Siphon Painful Bond Summon Spirits (Luxon) Flesh of My Flesh

  • Asterisk.jpg/Paragon or Assassin/Asterisk.jpg (Runner)
"Incoming!" "Fall Back!" Enduring Harmony "We Shall Return!" "Can't Touch This!" "I Am Unstoppable!" Optional Resurrection Signet

  • Ritualist/Asterisk.jpg (Beach Communing Ritualist)
optional Pain Shadowsong Anguish Disenchantment Boon of Creation Summon Spirits (Luxon) Flesh of My Flesh


Wallow Team

  • Monk/Asterisk.jpg (Wallow Smiter)
Essence Bond Retribution Smite Condition Holy Wrath Shield of Judgment Edge of Extinction Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Rebirth

  • Monk/Asterisk.jpg (Wallow Tank)
Protective Spirit Spirit Bond Vengeful Was Khanhei Vengeful Weapon Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support "Finish Him!" Balthazar's Spirit Essence Bond


Many professions can take part in MQSC:

  • Monk can play anything besides spirit spammer
  • Any Profession can be runner with the right build.
  • Ritualist can do Yeti and Beach tank.

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