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This is a three hero team build design to support physical players in PvE. It raises damage caused by physicals with Orders, Strength of Honor, Splinter Weapon and Curses spells like Mark of Pain and Barbs.


  • Asterisk/Asterisk Physical Damage Player
Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
  • Elementalist-icon-small/Necromancer-icon-small ER Orders Hero
Ether Renewal Aura of Restoration Order of Pain Dark Fury Barbs Mark of Pain Enfeebling Blood Awaken the Blood
  • Ritualist-icon-small/Monk-icon-small SoS Smite Hero
Signet of Spirits Bloodsong Splinter Weapon Spirit Siphon Smite Condition Smite Hex Strength of Honor Flesh of My Flesh
  • Necromancer-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Jagged Minion Hero
Jagged Bones Animate Bone Minions Death Nova Masochism Shield of Absorption Protective Spirit Aegis Signet of Lost Souls

ER Orders Hero

<pvxbig> [build prof=Elementalist/Necromancer BloodMagic=11 Curses=10 EnergyStorage=10+1+2][Ether Renewal][Aura of Restoration][Order Of Pain@13][Dark Fury@13][Barbs@12][Mark Of Pain@12][Blood Bond@13][Awaken the Blood@11][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Survivor/radiant Insignia, Vitae and/or Vigor Runes (do no make health above ~530hp)
  • Weapons: +20% enchantment blood magic staff, two HCT mods


Mark of Fury

SoS Smite Hero

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ritualist/Monk Smiting=12 Channeling=12+1+1 Spawning=3][Signet of Spirits@14][Bloodsong@14][Splinter Weapon@14][Spirit Siphon@14][Smite Condition@12][Smite Hex@12][Strength of Honor@12][Flesh of My Flesh][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Survivor Insignia, Vitae and/or Vigor runes
  • Weapons: 40/40 Channeling wand and offhand


Jagged Minion Hero

<pvxbig> [build prof=Necromancer/mo Death=12+1+3 SoulReaping=8+1 protection=10][Jagged Bones@18][Animate Bone Minions@18][Death Nova@18][Masochism@12][Shield Of Absorption@9][Protective Spirit@9][Aegis@11][Signet of Lost Souls@11][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor: Survivor/radiant Insignia with Bloodstained insignia on head, hands or feet
  • Weapons: Death Magic staff of enchanting


  • Set all heroes to Guard mode.
  • Disable and micro Strength of Honor on the physical damage players.


  • General anti-caster
  • Heavy enchant removal
  • Lack of corpses


  • If using with Henchmen, bring 2-3 more physical henchmen and 1-2 healers depending on the difficulty of the area.
  • It is recommended to bring "Save Yourselves!"

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