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This team allows a paragon human to use three heroes and however many henchmen are necessary to blow through most PvE areas.

Composition Edit

Swift Javelin Vicious Attack Ebon Battle Standard of Honor "Save Yourselves!" "There's Nothing to Fear!" "For Great Justice!" Focused Anger Aggressive Refrain
Swift Javelin Vicious Attack Stunning Strike Anthem of Weariness "Fall Back!" Bladeturn Refrain Aggressive Refrain Signet of Return
Spear of Redemption Merciless Spear Song of Purification Finale of Restoration Ballad of Restoration Mending Refrain Aggressive Refrain Signet of Return
Ether Renewal Aura of Restoration Dark Fury Order of Pain Blood Bond Mark of Fury Optional Awaken the Blood

Imbagon Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/W spear=11+1+1 leader=11+1 command=8+1][swift javelin][vicious attack][save yourselves!][there's nothing to fear!][ebon battle standard of honor][for great justice!][focused anger][aggressive refrain][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Points in motivation instead of command

Equipment Edit

  • Centurion insignias, superior vigor rune, vitae rune
  • 15^50 spear of Fortitude. Spear head to taste - either vampiric or furious.
    • If you use a vampiric spear, keep a sundering or furious spear with the same stats for your second shield set.
  • Two shields, both with +30 health. One should have +10 al vs fire damage, one should have a reduce blind inscription.
    • If possible, acquire al 15 req 7 shields so you can move attributes into Spear Mastery.
  • A staff such as Alem's Remedy.
  • A longbow or flatbow for pulling.

Usage Edit

Commandagon Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/W spear=10+1+1 leader=10+2 command=11+1][Swift Javelin][vicious attack][stunning strike][anthem of weariness]["Fall Back!"][Bladeturn Refrain][aggressive refrain][signet of return][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Silencing 15^50 spear of Fortitude
  • Duplicates of either shield the human uses (req 9 command versions), depending on personal preference and the area to be cleared

Variants Edit

Motigon Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/any spear=10+1 leader=11+1 motiva=10+1+1][spear of redemption][merciless spear][song of purification][Finale of Restoration][Ballad of Restoration][Mending Refrain][aggressive refrain][signet of return][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Furious 15^50 spear of Fortitude
  • A motivation equivalent of the commandagon's shield


Orders eleEdit

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/N energy=12+1+1 blood=12][ether renewal][aura of restoration][dark fury@14][order of pain@14][blood bond@14][mark of fury@14][optional][awaken the blood][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Adept 20/20 Blood Magic Staff of Enchanting. Kyril's Fervor works well.
  • Suvivor and/or Radiant.

Variants Edit

Optional Optional:

Hex-heavy areas Edit

This build lacks hex removal. In areas with foes such as Wind Riders, bring the following paragon heroes instead.

Commandagon Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/mo spear=12+1+1 leader=10+2 command=8+1][blazing spear][wild throw][swift javelin][empathic removal][hexbreaker aria][anthem of weariness][aggressive refrain][signet of return][/build] </pvxbig>

Motigon Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/mo spear=10+1 leader=11+1 motiva=10+1+1][wild throw][merciless spear][empathic removal][mending refrain][aria of zeal][hexbreaker aria][aggressive refrain][signet of return][/build] </pvxbig>

Notes Edit

  • You will want to bring physical allies to fill out the rest of your team - characters that can take advantage of both Order of Pain and Dark Fury, if possible.
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