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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build, and variants of it, make it able to farm several groups and bosses. This build is used for elite tome farming now, and being tested for several different groups. Farmable Bosses and Areas are headed in the section below. This build utilizes a life bonder/protective bonder to farm while dealing continuous damage.

Team Composition

Deadly Paradox Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Way of Perfection Way of the Master Optional Optional Optional


Glyph of Swiftness Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Critical Agility Jagged Strike Sneak Attack Golden Fang Strike Death Blossom

Life Barrier Life Bond Balthazar's Spirit Strength of Honor Succor Optional Blessed Signet Optional

Attributes and Skills:

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/Any Sha=12+1+3 Scy=12][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form][Shroud of Distress][Way of Perfection][Way of the Master][Optional][Optional][Optional][/build]

  • Add full attributes into the skills used.

Useful skills:

  • [[Finish Him] to finish off bosses under 50%
  • [[Insidious Parasite@12] steal free life, huge unconditioned damage and good recharge (preferred). It bypasses the Shadow Form standard.
  • [[Sliver Armor@12] standard Skill used for damage by groups. Useful with [[Ebon Battle Standard of Honor] and [["By Ural's Hammer"]
  • [[Ether Nightmare] degen Spam with [[Cry of Pain]. It also allows investment with another mesmer skill line, since you have the full attribute points left.
  • [[Ear Bite] to continuous damage the boss, and degen them to or withstand natural regeneration, or extra degeneneration.
  • [[Spirit Shackles@12] to make them hit you, and to caster-hate monks.
  • [[Sand Shards@9] can be used to keep constant damage on someone while damaging with a scythe.
  • [[Symbol of Wrath@12] and [[Kirin's Wrath@12] can be used to constant damage. Possible with [[Balthazar's Aura@12] for heavy constant damage. It may cause scatter if you don't do it right.


Variant for melee bosses


[build prof=A/E Sha=12+1+3 Dag=10+1 Crit=8][Glyph of Swiftness][Shadow Form][Shroud of Distress][Critical Agility][Jagged Strike][Sneak Attack][Golden Fang Strike][Death Blossom][/build]



<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/Any pro=12+1+3 smi=12+3 div=3+3][Life Barrier][Life Bond][Balthazar's Spirit][Strength of Honor][Succor][Optional][Blessed Signet][Optional][/build]

Easy to do with a hero. Just micro him and put him out of distance. Disable all skills except Blessed Signet.


  • [[Rebirth@16] if you really need it.
  • [[Purge Signet] if you really need it.
  • [[Purifying Veil@16] for eternity condition losing.
  • [[Essence Bond] for e-management hero, not really needed.
  • More to come, especially for a variant on melee bosses.



  • Assassin:
    • Max armor with the according runes:
      • Highest vigor rune affordable.
      • Blessed Armor.
      • Attunement or Vitae runes, what you prefer.
    • Zealous Daggers of Enchanting.
  • Smiter:
    • High energy staff.


  • Micro your smite hero to use his/her skills in order from 1-5. Life Barrier MUST come before Life Bond.
  1. Use your enchantments by hitting 1-5. Maintain 2-5.
  2. Use your key damage spells to defeat the boss.
  3. Keep damaging by hitting with your daggers, they must hit 26 each.
  4. Pick up loot.

Melee Variant:

  • Micro your smite hero to use his/her skills in order from 1-5. Life Barrier MUST come before Life Bond.
  1. Use your enchantments by hitting 1-4. Maintain 2-4.
  2. Use Sneak Attack to blind the key characters. Use it on repeat.
  3. Spam the chain 6-7-8-5-6-7-8 and repeat.
  4. Pick up loot.


  • Use the variants wisely. The differences in bosses makes you choose in different uses of skills.


  • Too much damage.
  • Bonder dies.
  • Not maintaining bonds accordingly.
  • Lag.

Farmable Bosses in Hard Mode


Sunqua Vale:

Kinya Province:

Maishang Hills:

Drazach Thicket:

Silent Surf:

Mourning Veil Falls:


Plains of Jarin:

Sunward Marches:

Marga Coast:

Farmable Creatures

  • Jade Brotherhood.
  • Insects in Nightfall (Kill the monks first by AoE spamming).
  • Plants in Nightfall.
  • More to be added.

Farmable Dungeons

  • For now, Darkrime Delves is a dungeon you may want to do. With some changes, good timing, and a speed boost, this dungeon should be a piece of cake. Bring a cupcake or a candy, blind the bosses and keep hitting them with your melee build, and they should go down without big problems.


Shadow Form Bond Farm

Shadow Form Bond Farm

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