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Fastest Warrior build using Shadow Form to safely run from Beacons Perch to Droknar's Forge.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=W/A Tact=12+1+1 Shadow=12 Str=3]["To the Limit!"][Soldier's Speed][Shadow Form][Don't Trip][I Am Unstoppable][Death's Charge][Dark Prison][Heart of Shadow][/build]

If you are having a diffcult time, the following variants can help (replace Dark Prison unless otherwise noted)

  • Signet of Stamina [[Signet of Stamina@10] for health boost (recommended if you have energy issues)
  • Shadow Refuge [[Shadow Refuge@12] for spammable major health regeneration (watch for energy)
  • Feel No Pain [[Feel No Pain] for a minor, but on the run health regeneration. (recommended healing skill)
  • Healing Signet [[Healing Signet@10] if Feel no Pain or Endure Pain is not good enough (will slow you down)
  • Endure Pain [[Endure Pain@10] for big, on the run health boost when you really need it. Gives you time to shadow step for more health.
  • Shroud of Distress [[Shroud of Distress@12] if tundra giants are a pain to you (note that grawls can strip if you don't have sf on you, so using this skill can significantly slow you down, or save the day dependent on how it's used)
  • Balanced Stance [[Balanced Stance@14] for Don't Trip if you can't time Don't Trip properly
  • For players without Soldier's Speed and "To the Limit!", a more commonly owned and slightly easier to acquire skill set is Sprint [[Sprint@10] and Enraging Charge [[Enraging Charge@10] (will slow you down, but for players who don't have Soldiers Speed and "TtL!" it can allow you to actually run the build).



  • Radiant Insignia for energy, as much attunement runes as possible.
  • A superior absorption rune is optional
  • A staff with +10 inherent energy, +5 energy insightful staff head, +5 energy while health is above 50% inscription (Hale and Hearty), and +20% longer enchantments.


  • Use Shadow Form only around Ice Golems, Stone Summit Heretics, and Ice Imps.
  • Maintain "To the Limit!" and Soldier's Speed.
  • Use Death's Charge whenever it recharges to cover more ground faster. It also can provide a good heal.
  • Use "Don't Trip" and "I am unstoppable!" to avoid knockdowns from Frost Wurms, Azure Shadows, and Tundra Giants.
  • Shadow Step as often as energy allows. It is your main way of avoiding heavy damage and healing.


  • Aggroing hex users without Shadow Form up or with Shadow Form recharging.
  • Mistiming your shouts in Snake Dance.


  • Dwarven Stability can replace "Don't Trip!" (Alcohol should be brought in this case.)
  • If using alcohol, Drunken Master can be brought. Bring Dwarven Stability instead of "Don't Trip!" if using Drunken Master.
  • Bring "I Am The Strongest!" in place of "To The Limit!" to reduce energy costs.
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