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This build has been designed for the following use:

Fastest Warrior build using Shadow Form to safely run from Beacons Perch to Droknar's Forge.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=W/A Tact=12+1+1 Shadow=12 Str=3]["To the Limit!"][Soldier's Speed][Shadow Form][Don't Trip][I Am Unstoppable][Death's Charge][Dark Prison][Heart of Shadow][/build]

If you are having a diffcult time, the following variants can help (replace Dark Prison unless otherwise noted)

  • Signet of Stamina [[Signet of Stamina] for health boost (recommended if you have energy issues)
  • Shadow Refuge [[Shadow Refuge] for spammable major health regeneration (watch for energy)
  • Feel No Pain [[Feel No Pain] for a minor, but on the run health regeneration. (recommended healing skill)
  • Healing Signet [[Healing Signet@10] if Feel no Pain or Endure Pain is not good enough (will slow you down)
  • Endure Pain [[Endure Pain] for big, on the run health boost when you really need it. Gives you time to shadow step for more health.
  • Shroud of Distress [[Shroud of Distress@12] if tundra giants are a pain to you (note that grawls can strip if you don't have sf on you, so using this skill will signficantly slow you down)
  • Balanced Stance [[Balanced Stance@14] for Don't Trip if you can't time Don't Trip properly
  • For players without Soldier's Speed and "To the Limit!", a more commonly owned and slightly easier to acquire skill set is Sprint [[Sprint@10] and Enraging Charge [[Enraging Charge@10] (will slow you down, but for players who don't have Soldiers Speed and "TtL!" it can allow you to actually run the build).



  • Radiant Insignia for energy, as much attunement runes as possible.
  • A superior absorption rune is optional
  • A staff with +10 inherent energy, +5 energy insightful staff head, +5 energy while health is above 50% inscription (Hale and Hearty), and +20% longer enchantments.


  • Use Shadow Form only around Ice Golems, Stone Summit Heretics, and Ice Imps.
  • Maintain "To the Limit!" and Soldier's Speed.
  • Use Death's Charge whenever it recharges to cover more ground faster. It also can provide a good heal.
  • Use "Don't Trip" and "I am unstoppable!" to avoid knockdowns from Frost Wurms, Azure Shadows, and Tundra Giants.
  • Shadow Step as often as energy allows. It is your main way of avoiding heavy damage and healing.


  • Aggroing hex users without Shadow Form up or with Shadow Form recharging.
  • Mistiming your shouts in Snake Dance.


  • Dwarven Stability can replace "Don't Trip!" (Alcohol should be brought in this case.)
  • If using alcohol, Drunken Master can be brought. Bring Dwarven Stability instead of "Don't Trip!" if using Drunken Master.
  • Bring "I Am The Strongest!" in place of "To The Limit!" to reduce energy costs.
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