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This build is for farming the Smite Crawlers in UW fast and easy for profit.

NERFED! == Attributes and Skills== <pvxbig> [build prof=W/D str=11+1+2 sword=10+1 wind=10][rending aura][hundred blades][whirlwind attack][lion's comfort]["for great justice!"][flail][dolyak signet][sprint][/build]


  • [[Enraging Charge@13] over [[Sprint@14]
  • [[Great Dwarf Armor] over [[Dolyak Signet@14]



  • Knight's insignia.
  • Runes stated above
    • Superior Absorbtion rune
    • Highest vigor you can afford
    • Vitae rune
  • A Zealous Sword and STR shield with 30 hp and -2 in a stance
  • A Longbow or Flatbow for pulling can be helpful.
  • Advised to have at least 20 energy.



The Run

  • Now that the quest is updated, use Sprint to run to The Ice Wastes.
  • Picture showing the run to Ice Wastes and possible Smite Crawler spawns [1].
  • If you have less than 300 HP left, stop at the area between the Ice Wastes and the steps and attack the Graspings that are still following you to get adrenaline for Lion's Comfort.

Smite Crawlers



See Also

  • A map that shows the patrol routes of Coldfire Nights and Skeletons of Dhuums



Aggroing Bladed Aatxes, Coldfire Nights, or Skeletons of Dhuum.


Guild Wars - Guide to NERFED W D UW Smite Farm (ecto farm)

Guild Wars - Guide to NERFED W D UW Smite Farm (ecto farm)

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