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The Hundred Blades warrior uses high powered AoE combo attack (100b + Whirlwind) along with mesmer skills to reduce damage and drain energy to allow you to complete a smite run as fast as 5/6 minutes, being the fastest smite run possible.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/mesme sword=10+1+2 strength=11+2 illusion=9 inspiration=4 tactic=2]["For Great Justice!"][Bonetti's Defense][Sympathetic Visage][Physical Resistance][Hundred Blades][Whirlwind Attack][Lion's Comfort][Sprint][/build] </pvxbig>


Armor :

Weapons :


The Chamber

The Run

  • Once you have completed the quest, run along the right side to the open gate, being sure to break aggro with the three or four nearby Aatxes.
  • During the 3 seconds when Sprint is recasting, you can use Bonetti to protect yourself if you accidently aggroed Aaxtes.

The Smites

  • Use the same techniques used above on the Grasping Darkness. However, you won't get interrupted, Bonetti's Defense is here for energy.
  • If a Smite Crawler casts Shield of Judgment, just escape with Sprint, break aggro, wait for your "FGJ !" to recast, and go again. If you make a good aggro (6 Smites or more), don't worry about that, Smites will be out of mana very quickly.
  • Try to pull as many smites as possible, as you can kill 6 or you can kill 50 in the same amount of time. Watch out for Coldfires and Skeletons of Dhumm as they can kill you.
  • If a Dying Nightmare pops up kill it before it can pull your Visage.
  • You can easily break aggro with Skeletons of Dhumm by using Sprint. Dodging is also a good way to negate theirs skills (Skeletons use Bow Attacks)



  • You can switch Sprint for Enraging Charge or Mindbender. Enraging Charge make the Smite part easier but the run become harder. Mindbender might be good too, but you'll have to use Bonetti during the run part to protect it from the Grasping Darkness' interrupts.

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  • Do not use speed cons during the run, it will make the smites flee making it very hard to ball them up.
  • This build requires alot of patience while avoiding partols, as if u aggro a coldfire u will almost always die.
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