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Through the usage of Triple Chop, Cyclone axe, Dolyak Signet, Vigorous Spirit and Live Vicariously as the core build a W/Mo can farm various melee based enemies in both Normal and Hard Modes.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/monk axemas=12+1+3 streng=10+1 healing=8][cyclone axe][triple chop][whirlwind attack][dismember][Frenzy][Dolyak Signet][live vicariously][vigorous spirit][/build] </pvxbig>

You can switch frenzy for one of these if you want/need.

You can switch Dolyak Signet or Dismember for one of these if you want/need.

Variant - Increased Healing by Dropping Strength and use of Strength skills. I find I have more survivability with this build because of the increased health generated by attacking, plus I switch to a Vampiric Axe while attacking to increase my health even more. The 3 in Smiting is to give you more adrenaline from Balthazar's Spirit.

<pvxbig> [build prof=warri/monk axemas=12+1+3 healin=12 Smit=3][cyclone axe][triple chop][whirlwind attack][Drunken Master][Great Dwarf Armor][vigorous spirit][Balthazar's Spirit][live vicariously][/build] </pvxbig>

You can switch Drunken Master and/or Great Dwarf Armor for one of these if you want/need.


  • Any armor with a mixture of or just: survivor, knight's and radiant insignias.(on preference alone)
  • Best Vigor and Absorption runes affordable.
  • A -2 received damage/+45 health while enchanted shield obtained from collectors: Keotah, Leijo and Talmehinu.
  • A +15% damage while enchanted axe with a mixture of the following:



  • Fortitude
  • Shelter
  • Enchanting


  • Before aggroing cast the enchantments, maintaining them during battle.
  • Once in the right position cast and maintain Dolyak Signet as much as possible.
  • Spam attack skills until everything is dead.
  • To stop interrupts on Vigorous Spirit consider taking Bonetti's Defense. Cast Vigorous Spirit whilst Bonetti's Defense is active to ensure the enchantment is not interrupted.
  • Bonetti's Defense will also act as a very strong defensive skill when farming large number of mobs at once as bonetti's defence will always be charged after one use of attack skill.
Slave Spirit Map

The slave spirit path/run.

Slave Spirits(Nightfall)

Hard Mode

  • It is suggested to bring Healing Hands as your elite and Whirlwind Attack as one of your optionals.
  • Consider bringing Endure Pain in case you run into health problems, also bring a vampiric axe which can also help you with getting fast heals.



The vermin farming path/run.

  • Can be done in both Normal and Hard Modes.(Cant be done in hard mode, they move around too fast<--- since updates it CAN be done in Hard Mode but you might need to adjust stats a little bit or bring Radiation Field)

Shreader Sharptongue's group

Other Farmable Areas


  • Enchantment Removal.
  • Interrupts on Vigorous Spirit in large groups.
  • Too large a mob against certain enemies.
Vermin Hard Mode: 1


Solo Vermin Farming.

Feather Farming.

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