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A Warrior build using Dwarven Battle Stance to dominate with hammers. Be strong like the Great Dwarf.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=w/x hammer=12+1 strength=12+1+1][crude swing][whirlwind attack][optional][optional][optional][for great justice][Dwarven Battle Stance][dwarven stability][/build] Optional Optional slots for:

  • The Yeti Combo: Provides AoE Knockdowns.
  • &quot;You Are All Weaklings!&quot; [["You Are All Weaklings!"]
  • Yeti Smash [[Yeti Smash@14]
  • Crushing Blow [[Crushing Blow@14]
  • The Brawling Combo: For better energy management and Knockdown.
  • Brawling Headbutt [[Brawling Headbutt]
  • Renewing Smash [[Renewing Smash@14]
  • Pulverizing Smash [[Pulverizing Smash@14]
  • The Auspicious Combo: For better energy management.
  • &quot;You Are All Weaklings!&quot; [["You Are All Weaklings!"]
  • Auspicious Blow [[Auspicious Blow@14]
  • Fierce Blow [[Fierce Blow@14]



  • Armor:
    • Stonefist Insignia if using a knockdown skill (such as Yeti Smash or Brawling Headbutt).
    • Full Survivor or Sentinel Insignia
    • Rune of Superior Vigor
    • Rune of Superior Absorption
    • Rune of Clarity or Rune of Vitae
  • Weapons: Zealous or Vampiric Hammer


  • Maintain Dwarven Battle Stance using Dwarven Stability.
  • Keep "For Great Justice!" up as much as possible.
  • Use "You Are All Weaklings!" with Yeti Smash for an AoE knockdown
  • Spam 1 and 2 on recharge to interrupt foes


  • Stance removal
  • Anti-melee hexes such as Empathy or Spiteful Spirit
  • Blind



  • At maximum Deldrimor rank (10):
    • Dwarven Stability and Dwarven Battle Stance are maintainable with 12+ Strength
    • 12+1+1 Hammer Mastery and 12+1 Strength are ideal
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