(Attributes and Skills)
(Attributes and Skills)
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A Hammer Warrior with the ability to knockdown multiple foes if they are standing close together.
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=Warrior/any Strength=12+1+1 Hammer=12+1][Earth Shaker][Crushing Blow][Hammer Bash]
[Bull's Strike][Optional][Flail][Enraging Charge][Resurrection Signet][/build]
*[[Song of Concentration] - Most common optional in HA
*[[Death's Charge@3] - for instant movement and also a self-heal in split situations
== Usage ==
*Upon entering battle, begin building adrenaline. When you and any other warriors on your team have adrenaline, organize a spike on a suitable target.
*Try to spike down low health targets.
*Use [[gw:Bull's Strike|Bull's Strike]] to knock people down and set up spikes.
*Use [[gw:Crushing Blow|Crushing Blow]] for an extremely powerful attack on targets you've knocked down.
*Use [[GW:Flail|Flail]] to build adrenaline faster and to speed up your spikes.
*Use [[GW:Enraging Charge|Enraging Charge]] to gain adrenaline and catch up to targets.
*After knocking someone down with [[gw:Earth Shaker|Earth Shaker]], it is often useful to 1/4 knock them with [[gw:Hammer Bash|Hammer Bash]]. To do this, you use Flail after Earth Shaker, hit once with a Hammer attack, and then pause for half a second before using Hammer Bash. If done correctly, the target will be knocked down again directly after standing up and not even be able to cast a 1/4 second activation skill.
*Use your Elemental weapon to bypass enemy warriors' resistance to physical damage.
*Of course, use [[GW:Resurrection Signet|Resurrection Signet]] to resurrect dead party members.
== Variants ==
* Replace [[gw:Resurrection Signet|Resurrection Signet]] with [[gw:Death Pact Signet|Death Pact Signet]] for a hard res.
* Equip [[gw:Protector's Strike|Protector's Strike]] for fast, spammable damage.
* For additional damage and possible extra source of deep wound, take [[gw:Body Blow|Body Blow]].
* Take [[gw:Mokele Smash|Mokele Smash]] for additional adrenaline gain and damage.
* [[gw:Sprint|Sprint]] or [[gw:Rush|Rush]] for additional movement capability.
== Counters ==
*Melee shutdown
*Anti-knockdown skills
*[[gw:Blackout|Blackout]] disables your skills and causes loss of all adrenaline.
== Equipment ==
* Survivor insignias and 1 Stonefist insignia on boot or hand.
* Sundering or Vampiric Hammer, Elemental, and Furious Hammers. Fortitude or Defense mod on either.
* A defensive set with spear + shield. Spear should have +30 health and a furious mod (you'll often want to be in this set to build adren). Keep an assortment of shields in your inventory (all the damage types, cripple reduction, blind reduction)
* Keep a longbow in your inventory to build adrenaline from afar
* Superior Vigor, Clarity, and Restoration runes.
[[Category:Multi-campaign builds|W/any Earth Shaker Warrior]]

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