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This build is designed to disable and deal a lot of damage to a single target, and then move onto a the next target quickly and efficiently. It should be able to do all of this while at the same time supporting the party with "Save Yourselves!". This build uses of the activation time of Renewing Smash to get off multiple hits with the hammer very quickly. Warrior's Endurance ensures that this build always has enough energy, even against enemies with energy-denial skills.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig>[build prof=W/ Hammer=12+1+2 Strength=12+1]["I Am The Strongest!"][Warrior's Endurance][Enraging Charge][Flail][Hammer Bash][Club of a Thousand Bears][Renewing Smash]["Save Yourselves!"][/build]</pvxbig>



  • Keep "I Am The Strongest!" up as much as possible. It has unlimited duration, so after finishing off a mob, use this skill so that it is recharged by the time you get to the next mob.
  • When you are about to engage a mob, activate Warrior's Endurance and Enraging Charge. Keep Warrior's Endurance up all the time during battle.
  • Find a target and use Club of a Thousand Bears on them (assuming they are non-human).
  • After the first hit, activate Flail immediatly and then Renewing Smash right after that.
  • Keep spamming Renewing Smash on the foe. You should have enough time to smash them four times before they can get up.
  • At this point, you should have enough adrenaline to activate "Save Yourselves!".
  • If the foe is still alive when they get up, decide whether to knock them down again or just finish them off with auto attacks.
  • Target your next foe and use Hammer Bash on them and them spam Renewing Smash on them.
  • Reactivate I Am The Strongest!. At this point Club of a Thousand Bears should be recharged. Find another foe and repeat the above steps until the whole mob is destroyed.


  • Enemies that can't be knocked down
  • Enemies that are of type human
  • Blocking and Blind
  • Anti-adrenaline gain hexes
  • Anti-melee hexes



  • If you are facing enemies that normally can't be knocked-down, have someone in your party bring Earthbind Earthbind. This skill bypasses those immunities.

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