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This build uses Battle Rage to use big damage attacks more often.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Warrior/any Axe=12+1+1 Strength=12+1][Dismember][body blow][Disrupting Chop][optional][Bulls str][Frenzy][Battle Rag][res sig][/build]

  • Rending Touch [[Rending Touch] - Good for quick enchant removal.
  • Conjure Frost [[Conjure Frost@10] - Any conjure is fine to boost up your attacks. (Go 12 Axe, 10 Element and 8(+1) Strength)
  • Shock [[Shock@3] - KD.
  • Rip Enchantment [[Rip Enchantment@3] - Enchant Removal.
  • Disrupting Dagger [[Disrupting Dagger@3] - Quick Interrupt.
  • Weapon of Aggression [[Weapon of Aggression@9] - expensive but maintainable IAS to be used at the same time as Battle Rage (Go 12 Axe, 9 Channeling and 9(+1) Strength).
  • &quot;I Will Avenge You!&quot; [["I Will Avenge You!"@13] - Provides very long-lasting IAS and health regen in AB and CMs.



  • Armor
    • One Clarity,stonefist on gloves or hand,with a sup vigor.Vitae and survivor on rest
  • Weapons
    • Vampiric, Zealous, and Ebon axes, 15^50 +30
    • Furious Spear, 15^50 +30
    • Damage -2 while in a stance, Blind reduction, and +10AL vs. damage type shields



  • Use the spear to build adrenaline at the start of the fight
  • Best to use Weapon of Aggression before Battle Rage, if taking it over Frenzy.
  • Activate Battle Rage, switch to the vamp axe, beat on people
  • Use Frenzy/Weapon of Aggression when necessary
  • Spike with skills 1-3, try to lead in with Bull's to reduce the possibility of a counter
  • Use optional as necessary


Generic melee-hate


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