Well this is the first build I have posted here so if there's something wrong with the format please let me know. Moving on, as you can see am a fan of the Vampire idea for the necro. But sadly the builds got so much weaker ever since they destroyed "Vampiric Spirit". So this is the best i can come up with using the vampiric skills to the fullest dps. Any comments on it would be welcome. After all, no such thing as the perfect build. Bloodlinevaratrix 08:39, January 16, 2011 (UTC)

Your spike does very low damage, has a high recharge and is overly gimmicky. No perfect builds indeed.

Low you say? Have you tried to use it first? Even without the equips, simply the skills. The spike does indeed do "only" 160 damage at max. BUT it IS 160 damage. And that is only for 1 spell. Armor-ignoring is the key here. AND that damage is true throughout the adjacent area of the caster. I don't see what you mean by high recharge. Enchantments cast beforehand. Say you cast Enfeebling Blood, then Unholy Feast, then Ravenous Gaze, Guardian, then last Taste of Pain. By the time you cast Taste of Pain, Unholy Feast should have recharged its 8 sec recharge, or at worst be 1-2 secs behind. Or Enfeebling Blood ALSO with its 8 sec recharge. Ravenous Gaze has a 10 secs recharge and Guardian has a 4 sec recharge.

With that in mind, what you said about high recharge is entirely false considering skills DO recharge while casting others and that each spell to trigger the spike has AT MOST 10 sec recharge. I know I said I appreciate any comments but at least make them valid and not biased (as soon in that last sentence where in you show resentment). Bloodlinevaratrix 04:14, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

By adding a heavy axe haft, you can drop Curses down to 2+1, get the same duration Enfeebling Blood as 4+1, and then bump Soul Reaping up to 7+1.

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