need help

i need help fixing this up, i'm kind of new to wiki(well adding things anyway), and my cousin(suppose to be a computer wizz....) doesnt know how to use this place either, so if any1 could clean it u, i'd be much appreciative.

and the point of this build?

the build looks like just doing uw with friends with casual builds. we dont want builds like that here lol. unless it is fast and effective (which it is neither). i mean, who would want to do a 2 hour HM uw run with cons when T-way pugs can do it in around 45 min with cons. you would just waste more time and pay more money for cons. as for without cons, the 3 hour for HM is hardly effective lol. as for normal mode, anything works and this isnt even close to the fastest. sure, you and some friends can do uw this way, but NO ONE is ever gonna pug this, so why bother putting it up on pve, and name it PUGWAY? Demonic Sin Ex 06:00, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

If you acctually tested it, you would of realised it's safe and effective, and called Pugway, because simple intelligence of a chimp would tell you not every1 is intelligent enough to do T-Way and people like me who were sick of fail pug groups, decided they wanted a safe pug group, and no it wasnt done with freinds, it was done with random pick up's and not using a conset..and as for PvX, i believe you post builds for the GENERAL community, I'f i'm not mistaken not all the general community wants to do SC's..--Aaron Head 11:34, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

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