Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/Me blo=12+1+2 sou=11 cur=6][Life Transfer][Life Siphon][Vampiric Gaze][Blood of the Aggressor][Oppressive Gaze][Barbed Signet][Epidemic][Plague Sending][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Enfeebling Blood instead of Blood of the Aggressor
  • Vampiric Swarm instead of Epidemic

Equipment Edit

PvP Char: Pk5BiMzaUDeMp6RFxMFpnmxMFJY5QMFJN6wMHJYdxMHJYB hp: 555, energy: 55

Usage Edit

Use the skills in this order: -Life Transfer

-Life Siphon

-Barbed Signet

-Blood of the Aggressor

-Oppressive Gaze


This will effectively take down Caravans in JQ, Mines and Command Posts in FA, and Siege and Carrier turtles single handedly.

Counters Edit

Any very effective Monks with very good condition and hex removal can make this build useless. Also, watch out if you run out of energy or if Life Transfer is cooling down, attacking at this point will make you as good as dead (this does not apply to Carrier Turtles, as they lack any effective healing).

Variants Edit

Blood of the Aggressor can be replaced with Enfeebling Blood, which negates the need to take Epidemic, leaving one slot free. You use this the same way as before, but substitute Blood of the Aggressor for Enfeebling Blood.

Notes Edit

If used correctly, this build can deal -18 health degen, which will negate all healing of 8 pips or under.

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