A general Avatar of Balthazar build for Dervishes after the 17th February update. Feedback very much appreciated

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/any name="Balthazar PVE" scy=8+1 win=10 earthp=8 mys=10+1][Avatar of Balthazar][Irresistible Sweep][Twin Moon Sweep][optional][Signet of Pious Light][Aura of Thorns][Staggering Force][optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Optional 1 should be a teardown skill of your choice, or just a general attack. With another teardown you should be able to maintain burning on foes, but the slot can be used for a skill such as Aura of Holy might in, say, an area with a lot of undead. Pick a skill that suits the location. Optional 2 should be Vital Boon or Mystic Regeneration. Vital boon is preferable as it can be removed for health gain, whereas Mystic Regeneration must be maintained


  • Armour

Survivor with the best Vigour Rune you can afford Minor Mysticism Minor Scythe Mastery 2 Runes of Attunement

  • Weapons

Zealous Scythe of Enchanting with a Strength and Honour inscription


Maintain Avatar. Cast flash enchants and then use an attack skill to remove them and nearby foes. Use Twin Moon Sweep and Signet of Pious Light for healing. Aura of Thorns will prevent foes running from your avatar's burning after teardown. Use the Flash Enchantments whenever they are recharged.


Large amounts of melee (consider Dust Cloak) Degen Hexes Spikes

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