Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> Elementalist/Warrior Fire Magic=12+1+1 Energy Storage=6+1 Hammer Mastery=11][Conjure Flame][Meteor Shower][Smoldering Embers][Fire Storm][Bed of Coals][Earth Shaker][Crude Swing][Aura of Restoration] </pvxbig>


 * Armor
   Any max armor will do.
   A fire attribute headpiece.
   Survivor Insignia x5
   Rune of Minor Fire Magic x1
   Rune of Superior Vigor x1
   Rune of Minor Energy Storage x1
   Rune of Restoration x1
   Rune of Attunement/Vitae x1 (Whichever you prefer.)
 * Weapons
 Any max Fiery Hammer of Fortitude with the best 15%^50% type mod you can get your hands on, with req11 Hammer Mastery or lower.


First, when you get near your objective, cast Aura of Restoration and Conjure Flame. Next, run and aggro target group. When they're close, start casting Meteor Shower, then WAIT before using Bed of Coals, (this is unbelievably important), then Smolderwing Embers, and Fire Storm as quickly as possible. Now start attacking for adrenaline. When you have enough adrenaline or near enough, you now cast Bed of Coals and use Earth Shaker. Make sure you keep Conjure Flame up as well, and use Crude Swing to do around 50-70dmg extra to all weaklings surrounding you. It may sound complicated, but it's easy when you have a little practice. By the way, use Crude Swing when possible (unless saving it for Earth Shaker) for it has only a 5 second cooldown and only consumes 5 Energy.


A bad counter is getting interrupted during Meteor Shower as it does a lot of damage and secures that Smoldering Embers will have it's full potential. E-drainers. Spell Rejecters.


Using a monk instead of Aura of Restoration, and instead having a Glyph.


Works and is easy to use after some practice. If you're a first time user i'd reccomend having a healer, and sometimes you need a healer for certain spots. WARNING: Sometimes you will get pissed of because you did not get to use all skills in the build on that pull you just did. How Sad. -All credits go to me, Bad Superbeast. Pst and add me!

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