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Uses Shroud of Distress and Illusionary Weaponry along with heals to bypass Escape's blocking to farm Geodes as well as other Gem salvage items from Rock Beetles & Rain Beetles outside Mirror of Lyss.
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=A/Me Shadow Arts=10+1+3 Inspiration=8 Illusion=12][Illusionary Weaponry][Optional][Shadow Refuge][Feigned Neutrality][Great Dwarf Armor][Mental Block][Shroud of Distress][Mantra of Resolve][/build]
* A Self heal of choice (using the given attributes)
* Personal choice
== Equipment ==
* Runes Needed
* Blessed Insignias on all
* 19/20% enchanting sword
* Shield vs Earth +10
== Usage ==
* Cast SoD, GDA, then IW and wait until energy is regained then gain aggro and then cast Mantra of Resolve & Mental Block. Mental Block will always recharge on time because the Rain Beetles will constantly use Arcing Shot.
* Don't Chain Cast as you may lose energy if hit by interrupts while Mantra is on. Always watch your energy, but use Shadow Refuge and Feigned Neutrality as needed.
* Always go for Rock Beetles first, but be cautious of groups with more than one Rock Beetle as they spam Stone Daggers.
== Counters ==
* Not going for Rock Beetles First.
* Over-Aggro(other non Beetle groups or 2 or more Rock Beetles)
* Energy Denial (You Chain Casted too much)
== Variants ==
== See also ==
[ IW Me/Mo Geode Farmer]

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