This is a ritualist who can keep a foe under decent pressure, assist in running amber in Fort Aspenwood, and in some cases, capture amber mines

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ritualist/Elementalist Channeling=12+1+2 Air_Magic=12 Spawning_Power=3+1][Spirit Rift][Lamentation][Renewing Surge][Glimmering Mark][Storm Djinn's Haste][Gale][Spirit Siphon][Bloodsong][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Stalwart Insignia on head, hands, and feet
  • Survivor Insignia on you chest and legs
  • A major channeling rune
  • A minor spawning/restoration rune
  • Best vigor rune you can afford
  • Bohdalz's Fury is an ideal channeling staff


  • Use skills Lamentation, Renewing Surge, and Glimmering Mark to keep a single foe under decent pressure.
  • While those skills are recharging, select a different target and use Spirit Rift and Gale if needed
  • Keep a Spirit of Bloodsong in the area so that you can draw energy from it quickly and for added damage from Lamentation
  • Use Storm Djinn's Haste to flee from foes quickly


  • Mesmers in general are a pain.
  • Disruption


  • Glyph of Swiftness (replace Lamentation)
  • Ancestor's Rage (replace Storm Djinn's Haste)
  • Spirit Light (replace Gale)


This build does not have any healing. You may want to consider bringing Spirit Light.

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