Note : this works only on playstation 3.

Install Guild Wars on your playstation 3

First of all you've got to get Linux on your playstation :

Then follow the instructions on this pages for management of the Sixaxis motion-sensing contrôler of the playstation 3 with Bluetooth.

Ok, now you've got a playstation with linux. You need to install Guild Wars on it :

Great, you can now play Guild Wars on playstation 3. Now you have to activate the cheat mode.

Activate the cheat mode

Type this on linux command prompt :

mv Gw.exe ~/dev/null/

Cheat codes

Here are the cheat codes.

Code Effect
Ttibot-playcarre, Ttibot-playrond, Ttibot-playcarre, Ttibot-playtriangle, Ttibot-playcroix You get +10 energy regeneration for 30 seconds.
Ttibot-playrond, Ttibot-playcarre, Ttibot-playtriangle, Ttibot-playcarre, Ttibot-playcroix, Ttibot-playtriangle, up, down, then drink a beer You can use multiple elites in a builds. See examples on this page.
Ttibot-playrond, Ttibot-playcarre, up, R You can use a third profession. R again for 4 etc..
Ttibot-playtriangle, Ttibot-playtriangle, Ttibot-playtriangle, L, R You can use as many professions as you wish with 16 in each attribute but you can only get one skill of each.
Maintain Ttibot-playrond, eat 100 Candy Canes Change the sex of your character.
Ttibot-playtriangle, Ttibot-playcroix, Ttibot-playcroix, Ttibot-playcroix, Ttibot-playrond Kill the selected teammate.
Ttibot-playtriangle, up, L, Ttibot-playtriangle, Ttibot-playcroix, Ttibot-playcarre All of your enemies have ass ears
down, Ttibot-playcarre, Ttibot-playcroix, Ttibot-playrond PvP only. If you have ass ears, all of your enemies have the head of a monkey.
Ttibot-playcarre, Ttibot-playcarre, Ttibot-playcroix, Ttibot-playtriangle, Ttibot-playtriangle, right, up, down, left You become a samurai with samurai skills and a katana.

Have fun !

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