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This guide, covering the Midline of Guild vs. Guild, is a look at what makes up and what is the midline.


  • The midline is positioned between the backline and the frontline, as the name suggests, and can be made up of casters, Paragons and Rangers.
  • The role of the midline is to both support the party by using skills such as Heal Party and Wards, and to damage/disrupt the enemy with conditions, hexes, damage, and interrupts.

Attribute selection

One important thing about the midline is that you should NEVER spend any health on attribute runes. Survivor insignias are standard for the midline, or Radiant insignias may be acceptable on a particular build. Armor giving insignias (such as the Paragon's Centurion insignia) are also acceptable.

== Skill Envoûteur Afflux d'énergie peut interrompre roulettes ennemi, de l'énergie de drainage, et de détourner les compétences d'ennemis.

Pensez donc à vous assurer de choisir les compétences qui ne sont pas seulement juste pour vous, mais sont les meilleurs pour l'équipe.

Equipment selection

Midline equipment is fairly straight forward. Rangers and Paragons will have their weapons with Zealous, Vampiric and Elemental mods. Rangers will have a defensive set as well. Casters will have a standard 4 weapon sets, 40/40 in one attribute, 40/40 in another attribute, a high energy set (30+2), and a defensive set (shield and spear).

Final Notes

That's the midline in a nutshell. If you'd like to learn more about the midline, ask some experienced players, observe high-level GvG matches, and visit Midline build pages and have a look at how they work. A good place to learn is by looking at a Great or Good rated GvG build, looking at all the player builds, and seeing how the builds compliment eachother into a good working team.

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