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Splitting is a tactic often employed in Guild versus Guild battles, in which you split your team into two, or occasionaly three smaller groups in order to stretch your opponents defences and score kills on the NPCs. Although some Guild versus Guild builds are designed around splitting, many builds that aren't designed specifically to do so are just as capable of splitting when played correctly.

Splitting, why do it?

There are two main reasons for a guild to split. The usual reason is to attack their base with one team while the other plays defensively. This type of split is known as a Gank, and is intended to leave you with a NPC advantage at Victory or Death. This will make your team much more likely to defeat the opponents Guild Lord once they advance to the flag stand at 20 minutes.

The other main reason to split is to achieve a tactical advantage over your opponent by stretching their defences to their limit, or to defend your team from overwhelming offence on their part. A common example of this is when a team will split 4-4 (Dividing into two groups of four players), or 5-3 (A group of five and a group of three), in order to negate the damage of a spike or pressure team.

Split Tactics

Planning a split

As a general rule when planning your split, you will need to consider several aspects of it:

  • Is it self-sufficient? Can it stay alive without needing support from the defensive split?
  • Is it effective? Can it quickly and efficiently take care of NPCs?
  • Is it versitile? Can it respond to a wide range of counter-splits performed by the other team?

As an example, let us consider the standard balanced Guild versus Guild build consisting of two Warriors, one Ranger, one Mesmer, a defensive Elementalist, a Flag running Elementalist, and two Monks. This is a versitile build that can adapt to almost any situation, including splits. The standard response to a split with this build would be to send the Flag Runner back to defend against a smaller split, with backup from the Ranger and one Warrior, or the Defensive Elementalist if needed. Similarly, the standard offensive split from such a build would consist of the Flag Runner, the Ranger and one Warrior. This is the split that you would choose as it is the most efficient and versitile one said build can produce.

When planning your own split build, a good basic plan is two characters focused around taking down NPCs as qucikly as possible, along with one defensive character to keep the split alive. A popular choice for such a split is two Shadow Prison Assassins and a Zealous Benediction Split Healer.

Types of Split

The Defensive Split

A defensive split usually consists of the flagger and occasionally one other party member defending the base against gankers. The goal of a defensive split is to keep as many NPCs alive as possible.

The Offensive Split

This form of split will consist of anywhere from one to four attackers trying to quickly take down NPCs before the opposing teams defensive split can react.

The 4-4 Split

The 4-4 split is one of the more difficult Guild versus Guild tactics to pull off, as it relys much more on individual player skill than other splits. A 4-4 split consists of one of the backline monks going with each half of the team to put pressure on two seperate points. In a normal 4-4 split, each half will consist of two offensive, one defesive midliner, and one backline monk.

Noteworthy split builds

R/Mo Burning Arrow Ranger

Burning Arrow Distracting Shot Savage Shot Apply Poison Natural Stride Troll Unguent Mending Touch Resurrection Signet

R/Mo Cripshot

Crippling Shot Distracting Shot Savage Shot Apply Poison Natural Stride Troll Unguent Mending Touch Resurrection Signet

R/Mo Escape Ranger

Screaming Shot Distracting Shot Savage Shot Apply Poison Escape Troll Unguent Mending Touch Resurrection Signet

Build:A/W Shadow Prison Assassin

Shadow Prison Expose Defenses Tiger Stance Black Lotus Strike Twisting Fangs Black Spider Strike Blades of Steel Resurrection Signet

A/E AoD Shock Sin

Aura of Displacement Shock Falling Spider Twisting Fangs Golden Phoenix Strike Horns of the Ox Dark Escape Resurrection Signet

Moebius Strike Assassin

Disrupting Stab Exhausting Assault Moebius Strike Death Blossom Horns of the Ox Impale Dash Resurrection Signet

Mind Shock Ganker

Mind Shock Lightning Orb Lightning Strike Blinding Flash Air Attunement Glyph of Lesser Energy Feigned Neutrality Deadly Paradox

Zealous Benediction Split Healer

Zealous Benediction Reversal of Fortune Dismiss Condition Guardian Shield of Absorption Holy Veil Dash Return

W/E Shock Axe

Eviscerate Executioner's Strike Shock Bull's Strike Frenzy Rush Healing Signet Distracting Blow
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