In Heroes' Ascent, healers are essential parts of a party. Usually, some kind of energy bonus is needed to help the healers, as they will need to use powerful healing spells often. One of the most common ways to provide this is the Mesmer skill, Channeling.


  • The healer is a vital part of any team. While it is important for the healer to stay alive, it is even more important for him to support the team. Of course, if a healer does not have energy, the latter becomes a problem.
  • A common remedy is the skill Channeling. However, this requires you to be close to the enemy.
  • A common tactic is the Channeling Wall, where all three monks stand close to enemies, usually enemy casters, to easily gain energy.
  • With this tactic, monks can even wall in the enemy to assist with nuking.
  • Note that while it is important to gain energy, it is also important to stay out of danger as much as possible. Therefore, walling near melee foes is usually not advised.
  • It is safest to wall near enemy monks, because then you may trap them and allow your melee teammates or your nukers to hammer away at them without giving them a chance to kite away.

Common Builds

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