General Team Composition

Manly Spike uses Hundred Blades with Whirlwind Attack to trigger Mark of Pain multiple times within a short space of time. A perma is used to group foes together which will trigger more Mark of Pain from Whirlwind Attack. It build is very adaptable and can even be used in areas with blind or anti-melee hexes like Spiteful Spirit and Empathy. This is due to the rapid speed which it is able to do damage.

Basic Build

Shadow Form Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Death's Charge Hundred Blades Whirlwind Attack "For Great Justice!" Optional Optional Optional Optional
Mark of Pain Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

Skill Explanations

General Usage

  • An assassin maintains Shadow Form and pulls all enemies into a tight ball. The assassin must ensure all enemies are within adjacent range otherwise they will not be hit by Mark of Pain.
  • Choose a target approximately at the center of the group (do not pick the nearest target). Cast Mark of Pain, calling it with Ctrl, so the rest of the party know to attack.
  • Warriors should precast "For Great Justice!" and Hundred Blades then Death's Charge towards the called target (use t-space to select this target). Next use your adrenaline gain skill which should charge up Whirlwind Attack, followed by Whirlwind Attack itself. It does not matter if you have anti-melee hexes on you. Neither does not particularly matter if enemies have block skills or you become blinded.

Bug Bug Whirlwind attack will only trigger skills like Spiteful Spirit and Empathy once.

Bug Bug Hundred Blades hits on attack, creating damage even if the attack is blocked or misses.

  • All foes should die but sometimes the original Mark of Pain target does not because it is not hit by Mark of Pain.

General Equipment

Perma Assassin

  • Superior Shadow Arts rune and Shadow Arts headpiece.
  • A +20% enchantment weapon
  • Blessed or Radiant insignia, depending on damage through Shadow Form.
  • A +10 armor vs. <damage type> shield, suitable for the area.

Hundred Blade Warrior

  • Minor Swordmanship rune and a Swordmanship Headpiece.
  • Minor Strength rune
  • Vampiric or Zealous Sword of <enemy type>slaying.
  • A +10 armor vs. <damage type> Strength shield, suitable for the area.

Notable Skills

Methods for Gaining Adrenaline Instantly

  • Enraging Charge Enraging Charge combined with For Great Justice! gives a 6 adrenaline return, useful in areas where a large amount of running is involved.
  • To the Limit! To the Limit! generally better adrenaline gain then Enraging. Good for areas with blind as you are not required to hit once before building up adrenaline for Whirlwind Attack.
  • Lightbringer Signet Lightbringer Signet good for DoA because it is also an effective way of managing energy.
  • Inspirational Speech Inspirational Speech requires another player to cast on the Warrior, usually not taken although was part of the 11 minute FoW run.

Methods for Increasing Damage

Methods for Decreasing Skill Recharge

  • Assassin&#039;s Promise Assassin's Promise usually taken on the MoP to ensure MoP is always recharged when needed.
  • Air of Superiority Air of Superiority can be taken on the warriors and MoP. When using two warriors or more this is an easy way of ensuring at least one warrior is always recharged for a spike.
  • EoC Consumables such as Essence of Celerity can reduce recharge times. Taking Candy can increase warrior attack rate and thus spike and deal with leftovers much quicker.

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