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Week of November 15 ( 3 Soul Stones per gift)

Week of November 8 (5 Copper Crimson Skull Coins per gift)

Panyang Penninsula is a fair place to farm solo as a spirit farmer. Start from Tsumei Village and work your way southwest.

Crimson Skull Coin Farming in Pajiang

Better: Obtain the quest "The Siege at Tsumei Village" and farm the 9 mobs from both sides of Tsumei Village with a spirit farmer. Nice because they come to you, rather than you having to go find them. ^^

Week of November 1 (2 Weaver Legs per gift)

Enter Magus Stones from Rata Sum, Head south to a path where several groups of Spiders can be found. Spirit Spammer works great.


Enter Riven Earth from Rata Sum, taking the left path. Follow the path to trigger spawns of Spiders near trees. a little ways before the entrance to where the mission G.O.L.E.M. takes place, there is an area on the right side of the path with spider webs on the trees, enter here carefully as pulling more then one group can be dangerous.

  • Spirits works well.
  • If using Spirits, use the trees to protect yourself from the spiders' ranged attacks by getting out of their line of sight.

In Magus Stones, right by Arachni's Haunt, are multiple mobs of spiders, with an easy re-zone and an adjacent res shrine for those in need. Better yet, Nicholas and Yakkington are bathing in the cool waters nearby.

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