This guide is here to explain the trends of most commonly used builds in PvE, known as the PvE meta.

What is the Metagame?

The Metagame is the most commonly run build for a given area, usually to accomplish the set task in the most profitable way, which also tends to be the fastest way.

What is the current Metagame?

The current PvE meta is largely based around three professions: Monks, Necros, and Assassins. Other classes can farm very well too, but these tend to be the current staple classes.

  • Monks have an incredible number of Protection and Healing spells which allow them to tank almost any foe. These builds often require incredibly attentive skill-use in conjunction with clever manipulations of game mechanics use in order to stay alive. Monks are also commonly run for RoJ, which is used to quickly and effectively nuke mobs, but due to its nerf has fallen out of favour for some speed clears.
  • Necromancers' main advantage is Soul Reaping, which allows near infinite energy against foes which die very quickly in PvE. They also possess several high-damage curses and party buffs.
  • Assassins have the ability to do permaform, which grants complete invincibility against all damage except AoE, touch skills, and signets. This invincibility can be slightly inhibiting as well, due to energy requirements and the limited options for damage, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

The elite areas of PvE are currently dominated by Cry of Pain and Manly Spike based builds, as both do massive damage to multiple targets in the area of effect. These builds run some kind of tank (usually a Shadow Form Assassin) who balls the targets, which are then hexed by a caller and spiked by the other casters with various damage skills such as CoP, RoJ or 100Blades Whirlwind Attack combo - effectively killing all balled foes. (It is not uncommon for an Rt/R or R/Rt with SoS and EoE to be brought along to assist the nuking and cleaning up process, sometimes a BiP necro is brought along.)

Current PvE Meta

Farming Meta Builds

  • Perma_Sliver_Farmer - Meta for permaform Assassins where you do not need to be bonded.
  • 600/Smite - The current meta for monks wishing to do almost any area (small variants required for some areas, such as here and here).
  • Perma Tank - The current meta for heavy tanking in PvE. Mostly used with Cryers.
  • RoJ VS Farm - Meta for farming Voltaic Spears, which are very valuable
  • SF/Commando - The current best option for permaform Assassins wanting to solo with a hero.
  • MQSC Luxon FFF - Meta for farming Luxon Faction, in Mount Qinkai
  • DTSC Kurzick FFF - Meta for farming Kurzick Faction, in Drazach Thicket

Elite Area Meta

No underworld build that is meta is currently present

General PvE Meta Builds

The majority of the best general PvE builds use heroes for their quick reflexes and other abilities over humans. Such as the ability to maintain Death Nova on multiple minions easily.

Running PvE Meta Builds

Below are the best options for running on each profession.

How does a Meta change?

Metas are often shifted by skill updates, these updates often nerf skills in the metagame, forcing them out of the meta. On the other hand, skills that were not in the meta get buffed and become a better option over different builds. For example, after the permaform UW Chaos Planes farmer started being overused, there was a significant drop in the price of ectos, which was hurting the in-game economy. Shadow Form was then slightly nerfed and new skills were given to Mindblade Spectres to make the run impossible. Another example of this is the nerf to Ursanway, which allowed any class to tank and deal large amounts of armor-ignoring damage, as well as making Monks, Warriors, and sometimes Paragons the only wanted classes for elite areas.

So why are certain builds "Meta"?

Like explained in much of the above, Meta builds are meta because they simply perform best in the given area. Since monster skills rarely change, the meta usually only changes when there is a large buff or nerf to skills which allow farming.


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