Zaishen Nuking is a form of farming Balthazar Faction that is not unlike Zaishen Trapping. It utilizes high AoE damage from Fire Elementalists to destroy NPCs in the Zaishen Elite and Challenge missions. A Zaishen Nuke team is commonly consisted of:
  • 3Elementalist-icon-small/Asterisk Nukers
  • 1 Monk-icon-small /Asterisk or Ritualist-icon-small/Asterisk Healer

How to nuke Zaishen

Zaishen nuking is incredibly straightforward. Each party member does their respective job. i.e. the three nuker elementalists cast high-damage AoE spells and the healer uses healing and protective spells to keep the team alive.

Useful tips for Surviving

  • If fighting the four elementalists (Obsidian Spikers), Maintain Protective Spirit Protective Spirit party-wide (monk), or keep Shelter Shelter up (ritualist). If using a Hero healer, Micro this. A nuker with Cry of Frustration Cry of Frustration is an asset against this team.
  • Always bring effective condition and hex removal and/or regen to counter the mixed Degen team.
  • To combat the ViM trappers, move around the arena to avoid their traps.
  • To combat the IWAY Warriors, have an ele spec in Earth for Ward Against Melee Ward Against Melee to greatly mitigate damage from them.

What Elementalist Skills to Bring


see Nuking


These and other similar skills can help the Healer deal with the Degen team
Can disrupt Obsidian spikes. One of few ways to survive an obsidian spike with 10+ spikers.
Usable to great effect against the IWAY team.
Incredibly useful in a predominantly fire nuking team.
Non-Water AoE snare.
great energy management synergy with Rodgort's Invocation Rodgort's Invocation


  • Mesmer Primary nukers for Fast Casting.

Comparison to Trapping


  • Stronger against degen and obsidian teams


  • Generally slower than trapping
  • Much weaker against VIM trapping team.
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