JQ Way of the Assassin Guard Capper Used to help protect the Quarries and defeat other opponents.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> Assassin/Paragon

Critical Strikes=10+1+1 Dagger Mastery=11+1 Command=10 [Jagged Strike][Golden Fang Strike][Death Blossom][Critical Strike][Way of the Assassin][Critical Defenses][Optional]["Fall Back!"]

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Dash - If fall back is recharging

Assassin's Remedy - If there are condition spammers.

Critical Eye - For extra maintenence of critical defence.


  • Armor - Full Nightstalkers w/ Vitae - Chest Armor is Survivor Vitae
  • Weapons - Cruel Daggers of defense/fortitude or Barbed Daggers of defense/fortitude


Cast WotA (and Critical Eye or Assassin's Remedy) before you go upon a gaurd post, then cast Critical Defence and use "Fall Back!" to get to the post before Critical Defence runs out. Spam 1-2-3, 1-2-4, so on. Recast WotA when needed.


Interrupts, Cripples, and knock-downs.


If A/ any replace "Fall Back!" with, Dervish - Whirling Charge / Elementalist - Flame Djinn's Haste / Ranger - Natural Stride / Warrior - Sprint.


Maintain critical defenses by using Way of the Assasin, if it depletes, then use "Fall Back!" to run away.

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