This build utilizes Avatar of Lyssa's energy leeching powers while also throwing out widespread conditions(burning, bleeding, crippling, and weakness along with some possible variants) to all in the area. It has great survivability due do Armor of Sanctity, along with high health, armor and Vital Boon for a spike self heal. It's also really nice on the monk(in RA) because it takes a lot of heat off of them.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Dervish/Monk Mysticism=12+1 EarthPrayers=12+1+1 ScytheMastery=3][Vital Boon][Armor of Sanctity][Eremite's Zeal][Aura of Thorns][Heart of Holy Flame][Release Enchantments][Avatar of Lyssa][optional][/build] </pvxbig>

  • In the optional slot you could put: Resurrection Signet for RA, Enchanted Haste for Alliance Battles, or any thing else you can come up with.


  • For Armor it's best to maximize maximum health. Just put as many fortitude and vigor runes on your armor as you can. Energy isn't an issue due to Eremite's Zeal. The build will work with 7 max energy(e.x. from exhaustion)
  • For a weapon it isn't crucial what you pick. You can choose just about anything. I use a Scythe with a "Don't Think Twice" inscription, a sundering scythe snathe and a Scythe Grip of Fortitude.


To use the build, cast lyssa before you enter combat and vital boon as a precaution. From there run up next to your target and cast the rest of your enchants and then use Release Enchantments for the spike. Try to position yourself within earshot of multiple enemies to maximize condition spreading/energy leeching. At that point you can just use your enchants as they recharge(and they recharge quickly) and release them as it recharges.


Skills like Backfire. Interrupts of Avatar of Lyssa or release enchantments also are a minor issue. Conditions aren't too much of an issue though, you don't have to worry about being blinded(yet people will continuously through it on you)


There are a lot of variants you can choose from. Any other Dervish enchantment works really, depends on your desired effect. I chose these for some nice health degen on the enemy along with weakening there damage potential and snaring them.

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