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|map size = 200px
|map size = 200px
'''Deldrimor Arena''' is a [[gww:deathmatch|deathmatch]] arena, featuring [[gw:Icy Ground|Icy Ground]] and priests at the resurrection shrines. This arena is only available in the [[gw:Team Arenas|Team Arenas]] rotation.
A small [[GWW:Deathmatch|Deathmatch]] arena, with a Priest that resurrects players every 30 seconds.
== Map layout ==
The map is symmetrical, with teams beginning on the east side of the map. Once the gates open, players can either run along the high ground on the west side, or run closer to the centre over the icy ground. Where the paths converge, there is a reasonably wide area, while the paths leading to the shrines are relatively narrow.
== Common tactics ==
*Despite the gate facing away from the other team, the starting locations are close enough to cycle through the opposing team when looking through the wall.
*Most teams will fight in the centre open area, only moving away when retreating to the priest or pushing forward. Because of the linear nature of the map, the battle probably won't move away from the centre until a team begins to suffer casualties.
*It is possible to run onto the icy ground to evade ranged attacks and run out of casting range, but doing is very risky due to the environmental effect, and the likelihood of overextending.
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