This Build uses Overload and Shatter Delusion to deal Good DmG to Npc in Jade Quarry.

Attributes and Skills


Domination Magic 1=12+1+3

Fast casting 2=1[Chaos Storm] [Cry of Frustration] [Overload] [Shatter Delusion] [Mantra of Recovery] [Optional] [Optional] [Optional] </pvxbig>

  • Ether Feast
  • Leech Signet
  • Waste Not, Want Not
  • Restful Breeze


  • Survivor Insignias, Rune of Superior Vigor, Runes of Vitae, Mesmer Rune of superior Domination Magic
  • 40/40 Domination set
  • A defensive set


Cast Chaos Storm on an Illusionist, Interrupt Illusionist's next skill with Cry of Frustration, Wait about 1/2 a second till the Illusionist casts the next skill, cast Overload at this point followed by Shatter Delusion.


Premature aggro, Enemy Interrupts can mean fatal death, Npc Hunters if you don't bring any healing skills.


Mantra of Recovery is optional, I find it helps burn other pvper down and used with Ether Feast can provide good heals. Swapping Mantra of Recovery with Tease or other Mesmer Interrupt was helpful with Defending locations.


Timing is everything, if your Sequence of skills is correct this build will not fail. This build is also capable of killing Npc Rangers if you don't run away and forget Cry of Frustration just cast sequence Chaos Storm, Overload, Shatter Delusion, Ether Feast will make it a lot easier to survive.

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